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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our trip from the Old West RV Park campground in Reed Point, MT to the Howlin' Mad Moon Campground just south of Cameron, MT was uneventful but a great drive. We left my RV at Pierce RV in Billings and made a quick stop at the Harley-Davidson shop before leaving town. (You never know what you might find....LOL). Snapped this shot while there as well as this one of a local barn (we both love old buildings).

The drive flattened out a bit then the mountains started to come into view. As they got closer we started to really enjoy the views....rolling hills punctuated by sharp rocks thrust up through the ground and bordered by fast moving waters.

I never did take any photos of the campground, bad me, but it was a few miles south of Cameron. When we passed through Ennis, we liked what we saw and planned to stop there on our route from Cameron back to Butte/Anaconda area in a couple of days. We mistakenly assumed that Cameron would be of equal size or larger. Ummm, I don't even remember passing through Cameron. LOL!

The Howlin' Mad Moon Campground is about 34 miles north of West Yellowstone. It has RV sites as well as cabins, tent sites, storage area and a little bar/restaurant. The bar/restaurant is only open a few days a week (typically over the weekend). We tried it the second night there...nice atmosphere, good reasonable food and I had my first Moose Drool beer...and am now hooked. I'm not a beer drinker but I really like this one! LOL!

Next blog will be mostly photos covering our two days in Yellowstone. We took over 400 photos so needless to say, it will be tough to choose just a few to upload. Wish me luck!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Hi, just started reading your blog, started at the beginning. Thought I would let you know that your link to the Howlin' Mad Mood Campground takes you to a rather revealing tatoo site. Is this what you intended?

  2. Link removed, thank you Dave and Susie!


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