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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

While I sit here watching the service guys bleed my brakes, try to get some wires out from behind my dash (for my old GPS that I want to use in my car and for my Sirius that I want to be able to move between vehicles), work on my hydraulic jacks (one has decided to not drop down anymore - lazy thing...LOL!) and then do an annual service on my A/C (which has probably NEVER been cleaned)...I figured I'd do a quick blog replying to some comments and questions from readers.

"My Minnie Winnie is also an E450, just like yours. We probably don't have the same brand of tires but for my 19" tires it is 60# in the front, with a maximum of 80# for the duals. Actually, you should weigh each tire position and consult the manufacturer's recommendations for the particular weight at that location. Mine handles better with 60# than the 80# the local Ford mechanic increased them to."
After getting weighed at the RV Life on Wheels, I am now using 80 in the rear tires and 75 in the front. I am overweight, especially in the rear, but am working diligently to correct that. I hope to get the rig weighed again here shortly.

"With the Nuvi, you should be able to touch MENU and then touch the sat signal strength indicator, it should then show you accuracy, elevation, position of sat's and all sat signal strength."
This was in response to my complaints about missing features on my Nuvi as compared to my older Quest II. If I go to Menu/Tools/Where Am I, then I can see the elevation. Not something you should be doing while driving...the Quest displays it on the screen. Oh least I can find it. LOL! Thanks for the help.

"You have probably ordered already, but although you can handle the 25# portable break system now, there will come a time you may not be as strong or you could just strain your arm temporarily. The Roadmaster seems like it could prove valuable. I also wonder if you should sell the Suzuki would having that brake system on it help the resale value?"
Yup, already bought the Brake Buddy Vantage system (proportional braking). I realize that lifting it may become an issue at some point but since my car IS older and there is always the possibility of needing to upgrade at some point, the portable brake system makes more sense. Unfortunately, have the setup on the car for the Roadmaster Brakemaster wouldn't increase it's resale value. So both for convenience and current outlay, the portable system made more sense. (And keep following along...that's how we all learn!) Thanks for reading and commenting...

"Have you cropped your bird photos or are you able to get those full framed photos with your camera system?"
Yes, my bird photos were cropped. They were all taken with the 10x zoom on my Canon PowerShot S5 IS at a very high resolution (3264 x 2448) so I can crop them. They are over 1MB each.

"Did you know that you can buy (probably from Camping World & other places) a hose that lets you connect one of the refillable propane bottles to a grill that is made for the disposable bottles? And they have refillable tanks that are smaller than those standard ones so are easier to carry & haul around. Get one of those, then just keep a disposable as a backup if the other runs out when you need to use it."
"Got my hose last week at Lowe's (nice low price) and am still looking for a reasonably priced tank. I can find plenty of 20# ones for around $35 but that is just too big & heavy for me. I really want the 5# one but they seem to run $55-60. Yikes!

"You will have to let us know how that little grill does with chicken, especially drumsticks & thighs. I just can't seem to get decent chicken from the grills I've had - from the big one to the little one and they have all had tops that close which the one you just got doesn't have. I just don't seem to be able to turn them down low enough to decently cook the chicken and get it done in the middle and not burn the outside."
Ah, I already knew the secret for that one...from many years of watching hubby do this. You parboil the chicken for 20 minutes then cook it on the grill till it's browned the way you want. The parboiling cooks it, the grill then sears in the flavor (butter, BBQ sauce, whatever you use).

"Question re: the California Duster....I imagine it could be used to keep the solar panels clean. Ours sure got dusty in the southwest.. Do you put it in water or always use it dry.."
You MUST use it actually contains wax that's impregnated into the fibers. I don't think that would be a good idea for the solar. I know that mine will need washing soon...been in the desert too long. But first have to find a park that will let me and then need to be sure I have an extension long enough to reach it from a side ladder (I don't do rooftops). So far I do like it on the car...seems to help repel the dust a bit as well.

"I saw that very same solar light in WalMart's clearance aisle for $17 last week. No shipping & handling needed."
Say, you want to pick up two of them for me and I'll pay you the S&H? I have checked here and they don't have them. Mine actually blew off the table and broke (I have semi-glued it precariously back together). Sigh...

"We use Grand Central and love it. Since we can't get cell phone reception at our home, I have GC set so that when someone calls us on the GC phone number, it rings both on our landline phone and on our cell phone. That way, no matter where we are, at home, at the beach, on the road, I can answer the calls."
Oh yeah, rub it in...the BEACH....LOL! Seriously, nice to hear that it works so well.

And thank you to Tina who called my voicemail to test it out...she came through loud and clear. I love having voicemail alternatives!

Speaking of alternatives, I did find one more FREE incoming fax site - Fax Digits. I actually like it better than eFax because they email you a PDF file, no special software needed!

"By the way, that external propane outlet, I hope they did not sell you the kit! I think it has gone up to $150+/-. I just got the gizmo itself and the RV guy made me a hose as long as I wanted to!"
Nope, all I got was the valve and it was around $25-30 if I remember correctly. Still have to get the hose though...

One last side note...following the intrepid example of my fellow RVers, I have added a little Shout-Out space on the right. As long as it's used (and not abused), I'll keep it. So far I'm the only one who has posted...give it a whirl!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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