Exhausted, Depleted, Worn Out and Sore, But...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm exhausted, depleted, worn out and sore, but it's been a pretty productive day. I'm back on the up till midnight and sleep till eight schedule (strange since I'm in Pacific time zone here in AZ). It's still cool when I get up and today was the first day I haven't had errands to run first thing. So I tackled the last totes of clothes that needed to be sorted. I had two totes in the back storage bay and 4 totes (two different sizes) in the cabover storage up front.

Ruthless, yes, I became ruthless...no more sentiment. A few things got held aside for my lady riding friends (motorcycle shirts) but 85% of the rest went to the community center donation table. So now I am down to two of the smaller totes and all four of the large totes are empty!

I have very little stuff around the bed and what is there is lightweight. The two heavy file boxes have been moved to the car and the three totes of office supplies are 90% gone with the rest moved to the left cabover area. The tote with camping stuff has been emptied with the backpacker tent for 2, ultra-light sleeping bag and self-inflating mattress pad are in the car...they will probably be sold as well.

Next I tackled the stuff that came out of the motorcycle saddle bags, tank bag and trailer. I wanted the trailer empty in case I found a buyer (no, that is NOT going well....sigh). Some things will stay with me, in the car, until I meet up with a group of lady rider friends in May. The two large rolling duffel bags have been divided with one for my gear (can't part with everything, might get a chance to ride sometime) and one for what I will sell/give away to friends. The other is empty and inside my large suitcase. All three are now in the back of the car along with the seat I need to sell, the custom one from my BMW.

I guess I need to note that while I was only 700# overweight overall, the rear was more than 1300# over while the front was way under. The right had more weight than the left, thus my attempts to lighten the right rear and move what I could to the left front area. For example, the large bottle of windshield washer fluid was moved from the right rear storage bay to the left front storage bay. In addition I will lose weight when I no longer have the tongue weight from the trailer & motorcycle. I didn't realize that towing flat (four wheels down) means no tongue weight. Phew....every pound helps! All in all, I feel very positive about the changes I've made and the weight shifting I have done. Now to get the rig weighed again to see how well I have really done.

Oh, what I didn't note was that while I was emptying out the rear storage bay I got sidetracked and decided to clean some of the worst crud off the left front side of the rig. I had used a duster to clean off the worst of the dust but inadvertently got it wet and thus the dust smeared on that side. I've ignored it since I left Bouse but with the micro-cloths & Protect-All so close at hand, I decided to clean it up a bit. Of course you KNOW how that goes...no, I didn't clean the whole thing but I did do the entire left side (only as high as I could reach) and it looks SO much better. Well, that made me feel guilty about how bad the trailer looked, and here I am trying to sell it. Yup, tackled that as well.

So now it's after 6pm and I am whipped....the bad thing is that my bed is covered with little things that need to find a new home in the RV....maybe I'll just sleep on the couch tonight. LOL!

In closing, here are two sets of sunset photos....note the color difference. Amazing skies even here in the middle of the city!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. House cleaning does leave one tired but overall feeling good. I hope you can get close to the weight loss you are hoping for. Any will be a help safety wise.

  2. I forgot to mention to you that my blogcount is up about 20 per day since you linked to my blog site. So, thanks!

    Good luck on selling your trailer. Have you found a consignment place yet?

    I think we're outta here tomorrow if all goes well!

  3. Where did you have your rig weighed? I have that on my growing list of things to do. I am pretty sure I am under but I want to make sure.

    Mom and I went through our winter clothes and replaced them with our summer. Since the mornings are chilly we left a couple of jackets out.

    After all that work you need to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

  4. Yikes. Exterior house cleaning sounds like a painful task.

    When I bought my first fiver, I asked about maintenance. Washing once in a while with a waxing every six months was the reply. It was a tough prescription knowing that waxing of cars was not something I did -- ever.

    Wandrin Wagon did get a wax a couple of times and then I had to wonder what I was doing. Jeesh. I was waxing a house and it was painful. Resolved with aspirin.

    The front end of Wandrin Wagon gets a coating of wax to make the bug carcasses easier to remove. It gets a full spray on wax when I pull through a truck wash.

    IMHO... In the end, Wandrin Wagon will be worth no more because of the frequency of wax jobs.


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