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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Been several days since I blogged....been busy sometimes, sometimes not. LOL! Yes, I took an entire day off and just sat outside and read, then came in and watched movies. Nice breather. Today I went to dinner at the Blue Willow with friends Ellie & Jim and JoAnn & Doug (who brought along Tinka & Rick whose blog I follow but had never met). Such great folks....check their blogs for photos, I forgot my camera. Ooops!

Tinka/Rick are at the Montana Rally with JoAnn/Doug and they'll be there till Thursday when they head out. Ellie & Jim are leaving in the morning for their home in Colorado Springs. Cold and snowy...brrrr...but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do (Jim has a dental appointment). JoAnn/Doug will meet up in June with Ellie/Jim at the RV Dreams Rally in Branson. I had planned on attending but due to gas prices and having to be back in CO immediately following, I opted out. I hate it since I will miss meeting more friends but once again, sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

The trailer sold on Friday....I feel like an elephant has been lifted off my back. Last thing to do will be cancel the insurance on it and it will be nothing but a memory along with Squirt. Sigh...

This week will see my getting what is needed for towing Polliwog (my little Suzuki), or at least getting it ordered. I'm nervous about going with Blue Ox because there is only one recommended installation service here in Tucson...and they have never ordered/installed the adapter plate that would be required to work with my current Roadmaster baseplate. I can go all Roadmaster but will pay about $500 more. Nothing comes easy....

I also need to find out if my Roadmaster Brakemaster air brake system is functional. If it is, then I just need what they call a second car kit, the "stuff" that goes on the car end. If not then I have to decide if I want to do the portable brake system (awkward, cumbersome but less expensive AND transportable to a different car) or the Roadmaster Brakemaster Hydraulic brake system (more expensive, more installation time/money, top of the line and very little for me to do each time, more money to move to another car). Decisions, decisions....I hate the thought of having to spend several hundred dollars if I bought a new car but I also dislike having to heft around the 25# portable braking systems. Anyway, I'll let you know tomorrow night what I've finally ordered...I'm doing as much research as possible tonight.

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  1. I found that there is another concern with moving a system from one rig to another. I had the Roadmaster Brakemaster system in my Sea Breeze where they open the RV hydraulic system, then the air goes from the compressor to the cylinder in the car that pushes on the car brake pedal. I thought we could add another compressor & just move it over to our new rig but was told they couldn't do that. Something about the newer type of brake system in the RV that prevents them from opening the hydraulic system.

    Since I had to change anyway, I did go with the Roadmaster transportable system that is like a Brake Buddy. I don't like them as well as I don't think they are as proportional but guess that was about my only choice. I still have the cylinder that goes in the car for the old system.

  2. Donna - You have probably ordered already, but although you can handle the 25# portable break system now, there will come a time you may not be as strong or you could just strain your arm temporarily. The Roadmaster seems like it could prove valuable. I also wonder if you should sell the Suzuki would having that brake system on it help the resale value? (Take this at it's worth, we are only at the Gonnabe RVer stage. I am trying to absorb all the lessons in y'all's blogs I can ahead of time.)


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