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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I get nothing from these links (only if you click the Google ads or use my Amazon link before ordering from anything from there...hint, hint....LOL!), but thought they might be of interest to my readers. I LOVE bargains! (and I wonder why my rig is overweight...) Hey, why shouldn't I help you spend your money. ;-)
  1. 44x28' Roll-top Aluminum Table - $39.97

  2. 2 pk Anti-Shock Hiking Poles - $29.97

  3. Columbia band clothes - various items/prices including the UV protection

  4. Coleman Collapsible Storage/Organizer - $22.99 great for the back of your toad

  5. Tool Logic Credit Card Multi-Tool - $9.97

  6. National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America - Fourth Edition - $12.95

  7. Self-Priming Siphon Hose Set - $23.90 (I got the two different sizes, one for water & one for gas use)

  8. 3 cup & 4 cup Flat-Out Containers - - remember, lifetime guarantee with Tupperware

  9. Space Saving Folding Funnel - $.99 (I ordered three of these)

  10. Flexible Cutting Sheets - $1.35/ea (you KNOW how expensive these are in stores)

  11. Tea for One sets - nice selection of under $20 Tea for One sets as well as regular tea pots, mugs with lids, tea bags/loose and more. (Mine is on order....working on more tea, less coffee & diet soda)

  12. Solar Pathway Markers - $34.99 great for the edges of your door mat
One quick side note....I had purchased that small Reynolds vacuum sealer that has been on the market for a while now - had seen several folks post that they had one and liked it. I used it for the first time this week when I broke up the chicken & burgers into small packs. Worked like a charm! Definitely a good purchase. You should be able to find one at Wal-Mart or any large similar super store or grocery store. I will keep you posted on the freezer burn issue...that's the REAL test. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. I didn't click on them all but #5 results in a "page not found" error.

    I love my Handi-vac so much I have two of them - one for the house & one for the motor home. I get mixed results with the bags. Usually the seal stays but occasionally it leaks - over time - and the vacuum disappears. It won't be much longer with the one in the house and I'll be finding out what size of batteries it takes. Since it takes 6 of them I'd use rechargeable ones but they loose charge just sitting.

  2. I think the Reynolds Handi Vac is great. I got it at Target (in the food section) for $8.25 (I think.) My first test was to put a folded wash cloth in it and suck the air out. It was still compressed a week later. So handy. It takes AA batteries. I wouldn't bother with rechargeables for this.

  3. "wonder" ya are overweight!...seems that having "too much" money, might also be "part" of the ya had "less to spend"...ya think ya might be less inclined to "need" all that "neatstuff"???
    Just seems kinda weird to this ol' boy...uh, yer trying to "simplify"? looks like "complicating" to me...sheee...and then remembering where yer storing all those widgets, once ya finally find a place...hmmm...could "do that" with a computer program, I
    Uh huh...seems like "someone" has a serious "if I got it, I gotta spend it" going on!

    Wanderwolf and I...

  4. Now Michael, I never said I was buying all those things! LOL! When I can't sleep I tend to surf the net...and I when I see things that I think RVers might appreciate, I save the links. So there! LOL! Anyway, all my money is going into repairs & maintenance. So there.... ;-)


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