Cruise on the Disney Dream - Part One

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Oh my, what an adventure we had! It started with the drive to Orlando after dropping the #2doods off for doggy camp. (Caution - LOTS of photos!!! Written in multiple parts - we have over 500 pics...)

We had an uneventful drive down, well, except for driving through Atlanta. Always fun - NOT!

The trip ended at our hotel in Kissimmee on Saturday. The hotel is large with one building dedicated to hotel rooms and one to timeshares. We booked the timeshare side so we had a kitchen, dining area and living room in addition to the bedroom and bathroom. Our room overlooked the a nice shot of the sunset.

I spend the evening tagging our ducks and various pixie dust items for the cruise.

Melissa posted this photo of our granddaughter, Waverly, on her way to the airport.

Stu's handmade sign as we waited for them to arrive at Orlando airport.

We visited and had dinner before Melissa flew back to Maryland.

Breakfast the next day was McDonald's before driving to Port Canaveral. Even a good night's sleep couldn't keep Wavy awake. Once on the shuttle, Wavy and I out on our Mickey ears while Stu sported his new cap.

Boarding was extremely quick, too quick to even do a Goofy greeting.

Since our room wouldn't be available until 1:30, we headed off for the open house at the Oceaneer Club (for 3-12 y/o). I was dragging a bit from a lot of standing so I sat while they watched the luggage. Here are a few pics of Wavy enjoying the various rooms & activities.

Finally we headed to our room - I had purchased a Door Duck that we will use on all our cruises. It comes with magnets as well as a hanging loop. (You can order your own from J.T.'s Customized Cruise Ducks on Facebook as well as the stuffed ducks you will see later on in this post.)

After lunch we made a stop in Vanellope's Sweets & Treats - your place for candy and sweets.

Then it was time for the sail away party. We bundled back up and headed out to the Lido Deck for some music, dancing & fun.

We sat & relaxed a bit before getting ready for dinner, enjoying the sunset.

Waverly wanted to dress up a bit, so Elsa it was! She stopped to chat with our room steward, Putu on our way to the dining room.

She got her first Mickey catsup...then it was time for dessert. Needless to say, Stu & Wavy got Mickey Bars. I enjoyed a strawberry shortcake (short on the cake but long on the strawberries). Oh, and she meticulously scraped off the Mickey candies each time she got one. LOL!

A true princess, the posed photos turned out GREAT!

Continued in Part Two (this is still our first day!!!)

Ciao for now!


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    1. She was adorable and the professional photos Disney did were so good!

  2. That looks like such fun. And your little princess is just adorable. Enjoyed the pictures.


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