#2doods Camping Update

Sunday, December 30, 2018

It's been a fun couple of first days in a campground. As I posted earlier, Stu left for a funeral in Maryland the morning after we arrived, leaving me with the #2doods to deal with. Based upon how well they did during the trip down, I was pretty sure I could handle it.

Well, they have been SOOOOOO good! It's hard to believe they aren't even two years old and are still puppies. We've developed a routine. They're in their crates by 9 pm, up with me between 7:30-8:30, then our first walk (potty trip). Back to the rig and a little play, then nap time unless some type of noise wakes them up. Around 11-1 we take another walk, then more napping until 4pm when we walk again. Dinner at 6 pm, sometimes followed by a walk, sometimes not.

Biggest issue is Cooper barking at any car doors, dogs walking past, or people too close to our rig. I gave up trying to keep the doors open. Too many distractions, too much barking. BUT he no longer barks at people we walk past as we walk around the campground...yay! The little dogs he also ignores but there is one larger, older dog that he always barks at. When we go to the field next door, there are two dogs across the street that bark at us. The #2doods ignore them (and get lots of praise).

Watching the neighbors prep to leave
The weather has been interesting. Day one, we ran the heat. Day two, we ran the air conditioning. Day three, we needed a boat. Talk about rain! Water and mud everywhere....not that it bothered the pups at all.

The storm moving in Friday night!
The morning after...
There is actually less water than the night before...
I picked up two 20' tie-outs and on day four we sat outside a bit with them tethered to the door handles so they couldn't tangle. Murphy explored a bit while Cooper stuck close to me. When Murphy disappeared behind the car, then Cooper ranged out. Worked well until a car drove past and they both wanted to chase it, then panicked when they realized how close the car was to them. When Stu gets home, we can use the tie-down anchors and get them staked where they are safer from that.

And half an hour later, they assumed their favorite pose!

Glad they got to do this before the storm moved in...48 hours later and the ground is still too wet to do this. Ugh!

Ciao for now!


  1. Glad the Doodles have adapted to RV Traveling.
    Wishing you both a Safe and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.


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