Cruise on the Disney Dream - Part Four

Saturday, December 22, 2018

...continued from part three.

Today was another day spent at the pool for Stu and Wavy. The adult Cove area was fine for me in the morning but as the afternoon came around and parents sent their kids to the Oceaneer Club, they filled the adult pool area and it got LOUD! I headed to the room to read and relax for a bit.

Dinner was in the Enchanted Garden and once again, all the food was superb. Oh, did I mention the main diet for Wavy (her choice): mac 'n cheese! LOL!

Stu had a birthday surprise, too...yes, all three desserts were brought for him!

He tasted all three but finished none...LOL!

After dinner we went to the stage production of Beauty and the Beast. OH MY!!! We were already impressed with the talent in the shows but this was unbelievable. We would see it again if we had the chance.

But the evening wound down, and then it was time to pack...

Debarkation was surprising quick and ultra-organized. The lines moved quickly and soon we were on our way to the airport to meet Melissa. Our timing was perfect, she hit the ground as we parked the car.

We ate lunch and visited for a couple of hours before we headed out, leaving them to wait for their 7pm flight.

We hit rain...rain...and more rain...

Which led to eventual pretty sunset skies...

NOTE: Since I am writing this on the fly in parts, I missed sharing some of the posed photos, so here they are!

It felt good to get home and pick up the #2doods on Monday. Now we're prepping for our next adventure, moving the RV to southern Georgia campground!

{For anyone who is a glutton for punishment, you can see our entire album on SmugMug.)

Disney knows how to do it!
  • Expensive but well worth it
  • Embarkation & debarkation were well orchestrated and quick
  • Food was the best ever
  • Staff was amazing - no matter their job
  • Always something to see or do
  • The show productions are EXTRAORDINARY!
Downside was the noise, yes, we are old farts. LOL! Thank goodness for port days when the ship was a little quieter. The final day the noise was deafening, too much for me.

But all in all, we would recommend it to anyone with kids, especially those pre-teen or younger.

Ciao for now!

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  1. You made some wonderful memories for Wavy and that's the most important thing.


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