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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As I've mentioned before, I doing some fiction writing. While I eventually hope to make it to a completed novel, I'm enjoying working on my creativity by dabbling in flash fiction.
Flash Fiction:
In brief, flash fiction is a short form of storytelling. Defining it by the number of words or sentences or even pages required to tell a story, however, is impossible, for it differs from writer to writer, editor to editor. Some purists insist that it is a complete story told in less than 75 words; others claim 100 should be the maximum. For less-rigid flashers, anything under 1,000 words can be considered flash-worthy. And there are even a few who stretch their limits to 1,500 words.

Though the form is by definition extremely short, it is not a medium that tolerates fragemented storytelling. The challenge of flash fiction is to tell a complete story in which every word is absolutely essential, to peel away the frills and lace until you're left with nothing but the hard, clean-scraped core of a story.
Do not make the mistake of assuming that such bare-bones writing is less than elegant or beautiful. Sometimes beauty, or even inspiration, can be found in the simplest of things.
© 2000 Jason Gurley  http://www.writing-world.com/fiction/flash.shtml
So here's the deal, I wrote for an online competition. I'm not asking you to vote for me, just read all the entries and vote for the one you like the best.

You can read the original entries here and you cast your vote here. Be careful on the vote page, click the round button next to your pick and scroll down to click the VOTE button.

You do NOT have to enter your email address, that is where you would subscribe to updates for the blog.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy ALL the stories, I know I did!

Wake me later, I'm napping...
Donna Mc


  1. 10-4, Donna..You are a great writer and fun to read....I'll give it a look.

  2. I was holding our bunny while reading... I held her a little more closely when finished! :-)

  3. I am so proud of you Donna! You write well, and I can see you have a passion for it. I wish you ALL the best in your passion!

  4. That was great! Wish I'd seen it in time to vote!

  5. Donna,

    I voted for you. In fact... I've been lurking around for a while and I decided it was time I told you that you've inspired me to take me writing to the next level.

    Motorcycling and camping is what got me over here to start with, but when I noticed the "fiction writer" side of you, well, that just open a whole new can of worms for me too.

    I just wanted to say thanks. :)

    Your friend in fiction,
    DS ~ Lady R


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