Neighbors Come and Neighbors Go

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's hard to believe a week has passed since Phil and Tracey May pulled in next door to us. They've been busy and so have we but we finally got together for a couple hours of chatting. Tracey's mom and dad are visiting from England. That said, Phil and Tracey's dad had to head off to the hardware store for supplies. So, we had a nice chat with Tracey, her daughter Ally and her mom. They pulled out early this morning, headed to Tampa for the RV Show.

So the spot next to us was empty once again. Late tonight a LONG motorhome pulled in and parked. I swear, it must be 45' long. I don't think they are staying long. They didn't straighten out in the site and they didn't hook up sewer. Either that or they will do that in the morning. LOL!

We meet so many wonderful folks as we travel. Some are blog followers, some are from forums and others new friends. It's a great life and we continue to grow our circle of friends. Similar hobbies draw us closer to some than others. Similar lifestyles do the same. But sometimes you seem to have nothing in common and still hit it off. That's life! Open up your door and your never know who might be waiting!

Tomorrow we plan to head to the Webster Flea Market. Last year we got some great prices on old license plates for our collection (for Stu's pole barn) and an old fire extinguisher. We're not looking for anything tomorrow, just browsing and getting in some walking (Sadie, too).

Wednesday we might head over to the Tampa RV Show, nothing firm in our plans. Friday we head to the east coast of FL to visit family while Sadie plays at doggy camp.

My writing is proceeding pretty well. I started a blog for anyone interested and I posted a Flash Fiction article. For those who don't know what it is (I didn't): "Flash is a short-short story characterized by brevity and intensity of the language. Flash has a clear plot. The length of a flash story is commonly under 500 words, never more than 1000."

I currently have two works in progress [WIP]. The first is a romance set in northwestern MT, tentatively title, "A Montana Chance". The other will be a character-driven mystery based in north central PA and tentatively titled, "Not a Whisper". The romance will grow into a trilogy and the mystery into a series of 3-4 books.

Okay, enough babbling for tonight!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. one book at a time - your getting to ambitious for me gf. I might have to drop you from my friend's list! LOL I can't even get one thing crossed off my list a day! LOL Best Wishes...

  2. I can bearly keep up with my blog...I have never attempted a book, unless you count my journal of our trip to Alaska I printed and gave to our kids in book form..Fiction?? My whole life is fiction!..I have won a few poetry contests though..back in High School.

  3. How true - lots of people are friends we just haven't met yet!


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