Where does the time go?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I blogged (not counting Stu's posts). So many little things getting done, the end of the day I tend to putz on the computer, doing nothing constructive.

Stu has been catching up on chores. We now have appointments for the Freightliner (Freddie) for service and the 5th wheel (KaZy) to get the suspension checked. We may need a new spring or the Mor-Ryde suspension system may need repairs. Freddie goes in tomorrow and KaZy will get done when we leave here and head back to Maryland. We've allowed plenty of time.

Stu has done some repairs and upgrades on my bike...which will hopefully go into Harley this week to get quieter baffles installed. I've never been happy with the pipes (too loud) since they were installed last spring.

Stu got another call from the doctor who is doing his knee replacements, rescheduled for the second time. Now it's March 27th (was April 3rd). That gives us a little extra recovery time before TN next summer...a good thing.

Sadie is...well, Sadie. LOL!

Me? I've been busy moving to a new computer. About 90% done, the rest will get tackled in another couple of weeks. I need to purge the old machine and send it to my son to get checked out before sending it on to a new home.

I've also been busy doing some writing, mostly short stories, flash fiction and micro stories. I just finished expanding one of my favorite flash fiction stories into a full short story. I plan to do at least two more and will then compile them into an e-book for Amazon.

I'm still working on my romance novel, I write in spits and spurts. LOL! When I get bogged down, I dabble with the flash fiction (which I am really enjoying). Anyone interested can check it out at My Write Spot.

We took a long weekend and headed out on the motorcycles over to the east coast of Florida to visit family while Sadie had a play weekend at doggy camp. We started in Deerfield Beach where we spent a really enjoyable evening with our stepdaughter and her family. No photos...we were too busy enjoying dinner and beer while we caught up to date. LOL! Last stop was World of Beers....sweet!!

Saturday we headed up the coast to Vero Beach where we visited with my brothers, their families and my cousins. Sunday we had a great outing at Suzi's Tiki Bar in Sebastian. Here are a few photos...

We had my youngest brother and his wife (all the photos were taken by her), my middle brother, his wife, three daughters and five grandbabies, two of my cousins and one of their sons. Great time!! We all hate that we only get to do this once a year.

This week is busy with more chores, more writing, Stu getting his scuba gear ready for the cruise and my doing all the miscellaneous stuff that needs to be done in preparation for the cruise (and preceding firefighter reunion). I'll try to blog once or twice before we leave but then will be offline till we get back from the cruise (Feb 11th).

Hope everyone in blogland is doing well...I'm trying to keep up with ya'll, but sometimes it's a struggle. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Good update, Donna. Hmmm, just what IS "flash fiction"?

  2. Always good to hear about your adventures... wishing you both the best in your travels - stay safe! dots..................

  3. Donna, which cruise line are you going on> I'll be on the Crown Princess begin
    ning Jan 28...

  4. Good to know I am not the only one who loses track of time.


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