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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sorry, couldn't resist....LOL! Freddie the Freightliner got dropped off for some general service on Monday and came home on Thursday. He feels better but our pockets feel much lighter. Nothing major but it adds up quickly on these big trucks.

Monday we are picking up our new-to-us 2001 Ford F250 7.3 turbo-diesel pickup truck that Stu found on eBay. It was at a dealer and was a bank repo. We got it for close to $2k under retail value (according to online sources like Edmunds, NADA & KBB). It needs new tires and shocks, both already on order. Stu will get the tires on Tuesday and install the shocks when we get back from our cruise.

He's been having fun checking out accessories. The first and most important was a console...for whatever reason, the console was pulled out of the truck. We found a replacement for $36...just hope it works. 

He latest acquisition is something only a mechanic can appreciate (that means, NOT ME). It's an OBD2 scanner for reader codes on the truck. He found one on eBay and saved another $100.

Toss in some floor mats, seat covers, rear window graphics, and vent visors for the windows. Not telling what will be next....but I'm not complaining. I haven't had my own transportation, other then a motorcycle since mid-2008. I'm excited!

The main reason we are getting the pickup is for me to have a vehicle I can drive while Stu is laid from his knee surgery. This will work just fine and will eventually become our TN based transportation.

Oh, the baffles for my motorcycle weren't the right size so that won't be done until after the cruise. But that's okay...while at the shop I found a nice sized bag for carrying on my luggage rack. AND at a good price!

Now we are working on a name for the new truck. We've gone through Big Blue, Little Blue, Old Blue, Smurf, Blueberry, Fats (in honor of Fats Domino & Blueberry Hill), Truck, Horse (don't ask), Hoss (again, don't ask) and finally Gizmo (my favorite).

Lastly, thank you to everyone who voted for me in the writing competition. I tied for second place. I just hope you enjoyed reading all the entries. I've gotten a lot of good comments and appreciate all the input.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Donna - I went over and wrote and voted for your story - I thought it was great! It was amazing how all the stories were so different. I love that about writing! And thanks for the saying "Does Double Duty" - that's definitely going on our Rules for the Road list :-)

  2. Yea...that Freightliner would be hard to parallel park:-)

  3. For a name, I'll toss out "Turby" cause it's a Turbo Diesel. On top of that, it rhymes with Furby, which was a cute toy with a great name.

  4. I like Gizmo. My son had a dog by that name and he was such a lovable dog.


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