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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fellow RVing friends of ours have recently purchased a house and are putting in a full hookup RV pad. I thought some of our followers might be interested in seeing what they've done so far, so here are the pertinent blog links.

A lot of progress in a very short time! We plan to spend the summer on our property, arriving in TN in early June and staying at Maple Hill RV Campground initially. We have to get power and water dug in and hooked up.

Our current thought it to place a shed about halfway down the driveway. It will be used for our motorcycles as well as replacing the storage unit we are paying for. We will bring the power and water to there and run our hookups down to the shed from the other direction.

Time will tell how this works out. LOL!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


  1. Thanks for the link up, Donna. It has always been our plan to create an RV pad when we bought a house. Because we have no furniture, we need the hook up so we can live on the property while we furnish the house. We have no plans really to furnish it until at least November when we return from our summer job. Right now the goal is to get out of Jellystone!

  2. Wow this is great. My brother-in-law has room for us to park on his property and we have talked about putting in sewer, electric and a concrete pad. This is great!

  3. We will be in TN this summer. Hope we can come over to see your new place and maybe take a ride together.


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