What a gorgeous summer!

Friday, July 15, 2011

As you know, we've been busy enjoying the summer. Here is a recap of where we've been, what we've done and some impressions of the places we've visited. The links will take you to our SmugMug photo albums for each grouping.

5 day motorcycle trip to the Smokies and Dollywood2011 Smoky Mtns, Dollywood, Deals Gap
  • Started out and discovered Stu forget his wallet...quick u-turn!
  • Visited Dollywood twice as well as Dixie Stampede
  • Hot, hot, HOT weather
  • Rode the Tail of the Dragon several times on the way into town (stayed in Fontana Dam area of NC)
  • Saw a red wolf, had a turkey on the side of the road "gobble" at Stu as he passed and almost hit a black bear as he came down a hill, crossed the road in front of us and skittered on down the other side of the road.
  • Had a great time, gorgeous area to ride, too far from Dollywood though. Will do two visits next fall, one more at Fontana Dam (and will ride that side of the mountain) and one in Pigeon Forge.
8 day motorcycle trip to a riding event outside New Orleans2011 Hawgfest in Covington LA
  • Took all back roads from TN to Covington, LA to see a group of motorcycle friends
  • Had a blast!
  • Stu got his growler and pint glass from Abita Springs Brewing
  • Hot, hot, HOT weather
  • Took all back roads home...the last day was the best with temps finally dropping into the 80's
  • Amazing time visiting old friends and new
3 day camping trip with friends in New Holland, PA2011 Camping Club, Spring Gulch CG, New Holland PA
  • Long weekend camping with Stu's camping club buddies...what a great time we had! Beautiful area, too. We never unloaded the bikes, ended up riding around with friends. Definitely want to go back...
  • Almost no cell and little internet access
8 day camping trip in Coudersport, PA2011 Visiting Coudersport PA & Surrounding Areas
  • Great eight days with a lot of local riding, gorgeous area
  • Enjoyed too many meals at Fezz's Diner just outside Coudersport...great food, try it if in the area.
  • Got a haircut...in the back of a party supply shop. Yup! Hair salon in the back...
  • Loved the campground, lots of bicycle riding with Sadie
  • Holiday weekend, too many campers and way too many campfires...LOL!
7 day camping trip in Cold Brook, NY (Adirondacks)2011 Visiting Cold Brook NY
  • Pretty area, nice campground with a wide open drive-through site
  • Scenery in the Adirondacks was gorgeous, the roads....not so much!
  • I got sick for a couple of days so we didn't get in as much riding as we would have liked, guess we have to visit again!
  • Need to visit from the west side next time, or further north. We were on the south perimeter this time.
  • No cell or internet at the campground...felt isolated but good!

7 day camping trip in Randolph Center, VT
2011 Visiting Randolph Center VT & surrounding area
  • We arrived on Tuesday and spent the first day vegging & doing chores
  • Thursday we rode to the Harley dealer in Essex Junction, Magic Hat Brewing (nothing really floated out taste buds but we did buy a growler, pint glass and soft cooler that holds two growlers), and Ben & Jerry's (YUM!)
  • Stu managed to have an allergic reaction to the meatball subs we had for lunch (and he ate leftover for dinner)...hives! Not fun....
  • Hoping to ride the next few days before heading to southeastern Maine
  • GORGEOUS scenery, roads....fair to middling
  • Everything smells so good, sleeping with the windows open and haven't needed the A/C since we arrived!
  • Winter road grooves seem to run the length of the roads rather than across them...and on the less traveled roads, grass grows in them!
  • Fantastic site...facing the woods. Taking a LOT of photos in the woods behind us...
So that's pretty much it so far....I'm trying to get back into blogging...be patient!!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. I think I'm jealous or envious or something. Well, not the hives. I get them from clams and I just love clams. You guys are a great inspiration.

  2. Wow Donna! The pics are awesome!! Too many things to list...Reds Diner, Apple Pie, The Smokies and the list goes on! Enjoy! ~Merri

  3. You have been living life to the fullest. I enjoy reading about it all.

  4. I have missed your blog, welcome back. Sounds like you have been enjoying yourselves. I am looking forward to taking the motorcycle safety coarse next month.
    Drive and ride safe

  5. You have been b.u.s.y.!!!!! Great way to do an update though!

    We have awesome friends that live in Randolph...some of our Vet buddies! Work at the college...they would have loved to meet you ~ total strangers ~ that's how sweet they are!

  6. What a fabulous trip and experience you and Stu had!! I'm sooo jealous!


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