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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stu felt recovered enough from his hives to venture out on a motorcycle trip today. We hit the road about 10:30, heading to Long Trail and Harpoon Breweries. I had done the routing in Microsoft Streets & Trips, giving us a nice back road loop. We moved the file over to BIBBY (our Garmin Zumo GPS) and headed out.

Imagine our surprise when she put us on a 2+ mile dirt/gravel road. Yes, we have the GPS set to avoid unpaved roads. In addition, this was not the route I had built. Oh well, we'd been on worse roads for sure.

The weather was gorgeous, surpassed only by the scenery. We are both so impressed with Vermont and I think we'll be back. The worst traffic has been nothing compared to other states with larger cities. The farms, rivers, rocks, mountains, trees, flowers, churches, historic much to enjoy.

Our first stop was a little store we had passed when coming in with the rig. It looked interesting and while Stu walked Sadie, I took a browse through. It was interesting but I didn't see anything I couldn't live without. LOL!

We continued on to Long Trail Brewery and ended up on another 2+ mile dirt/gravel road. Grrrr....oh well, LOL! We arrived around lunchtime. We settled Sadie in the shade and headed in for a bite to eat and some beer samples. We each got a hot dog and I was thrilled to see them on a New England style bun....I grew up with these, buttered and grilled on both outsides. We got a sampler of beer and found one we liked, Double Bag Beer, a dark amber. Stu picked up a 6 pack for later enjoyment as well as the requisite pint glass for our collection.

I took the self-guided tour of the brewery and snapped a few shots...being a weekend, no one was working.

Imagine our surprise when we got outside and found Miss Sadie....on the front seat. You can read her version of the story here.

Next stop was Harpoon Brewery and along the way we stopped to get a shot of this stack of rocks. We both suspect something more than good balance is holding them together...but still fun to see!

We enjoyed a few more samples at Harpoon and Stu had a small bowl of chili as well. We liked the Harpoon IPA and got a growler filled with it, our pint glass and a shirt for me that says. "Love Beer. Love Life." on the back.

I had saved room for ice cream and as luck would have it we found a great place to stop. A stand that sold Hershey's ice cream (as well as many flavors of soft ice cream) and was having a bike event! We both enjoyed delicious ice cream and Miss Sadie got her own Doggy Sundae. She was in heaven...bikes, people to pet her and ice cream. The treats were saved for last...she knows what she likes best!

We headed home....a great day, only a little over 100 miles but picture and weather perfect!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. Sadie sure looks like she is enjoying that ice cream.

  2. Any ride that includes brewery stops has to be good!


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