Last day of riding in was SO not my day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Well, our last day of riding in VT was was SO not my day.

Started off bad, taking the bike cover off became a major production. Every nook or cranny on the bike caught the cover. Got it off and put away. Started the bike, took off and my left foot got wrapped in the dog run lead. Stopped to shake it off and my right pant leg caught on the footpeg and I almost dropped my bike. Told Stu someone was telling me to stay home today...

Okay, we headed out to visit Granite Harley-Davidson in Lebanon, NY and before we know it, the GPS puts us on a dirt/gravel road for 2.5 miles. AGAIN...sigh....

We finally get to Granite HD and luck is once again with us....the store is open (I had forgotten to check the Sunday hours). So far so good. As I walk around I feel like I tripped on a rug. Another step, still feels strange. Third step...look back and the heel off my boots is falling off! They are like new but I got them on eBay so no recourse (they were HD boots).

Stu walked to a nearby auto parts store and got some Gorilla Glue and RTV adhesive and glued it back on. We sat around for an hour, putting pressure on it. We walked outside to leave...ten steps and the heel left the boot. Sigh....

Back inside and I try to find a pair of boots....three tries before they found some in my size. $140...eeek! Then the good news, they were on sale for 50% off...and since we were in NH, no sales tax!

We headed on down the road to Quechee Gorge area for some lunch and sightseeing. We stopped at the Farmer's Diner and I decided to splurge on a bacon cheeseburger. Placed my order....they were completely out of burgers!!!!

The rest of the trip was uneventful...fortunately...LOL! We stopped for ice cream at a little general store across from a beautiful lake where folks were swimming. As usual, Sadie was the center of attention.

But not the rest of the day....because of the severe thunderstorms moving into the area overnight, we decided to load the bikes tonight. Stu dropped my bike loading (neither the bike nor Stu were hurt) but the rest of the loading went fine.

Later in the evening someone started a campfire that was really smoky so I got up to close the windows. I picked up my Kindle that I had tossed on the bed when I came inside to make dinner. Under the Kindle....the bed was wet. Yup, sometime while we were loading the bikes, she peed the bed...all the way through to the mattress. Grrrr.....can I start today over again?

Here are some pics from the day....the gorge was beautiful, we liked it MUCH better than the Grand Canyon of PA.

So, wonder what tomorrow will bring? LOL!!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Oh, so sorry for your bad luck today. But at least you got to see some nice sites.

  2. I am so sorry today was not your day. Just makes you want to crawl back into bed (without the pee). And I hate to think about all the nights we've gotten up in the middle of the night and had to change the bed. That's why we love them so much. Yeah right!!

  3. Some days in just does not pay to get out of bed:)

  4. Sounds like you finished on a high note with a good buy, new boots and no injuries! And a day to remember?

  5. I'll bet the boots could be fixed .... IF you could find a shoe repair, but they are all but non-existent these days. Sad that some businesses such as that have virtually disappeared. I'm glad you weren't injured.

  6. What Chuck and Anneke said :) "Some days it just does not pay to get out of bed"! LOL

  7. I laughed because the same thing happened to my HD boots on a road trip in Spring. When I got back home,I took my $75 Harley boots to the cobbler and paid $89 for new soles. Oh well, they had a lot of history.

  8. I feel your pain and I agree that when the signs are screaming "be careful" it pays to override the growing agitation and become much more circumspect and less capricious as you progress through the day.

    Our Katie has seizures, occasionally, and back before we found and fixed the cause (external hepatic shunt) she would occasionally wet during a seizure.

    We got a $19 King size mattress bag from Bed Bath and Beyond that zips on/off and makes cleanup just a matter of tossing the covers in the washer. We only have 2 sets but that is enough to make it a "Put these on and I'll wash the others, tomorrow", choice, at 2am.

    We also found it handy to have that bag on there when some debris on the roof caused water to run in around the crank up satellite dish. A lot of dirty water came in around the crank handle and ran down onto the bed but was completely kept out of the mattress by the bag.

    A word of caution on these plastic mattress bags... when they are cold, doggie toenails make little punch holes all over them if the bag is not kept covered by at least a sheet. Good thing the bag has two sides.

    Enjoy New England. We are looking forward to being up that way in a few years.

  9. Gotta wonder that today brings.

  10. I hate it when my dog gets caught up in a gripping thriller on the Kindle and won't go outside to pee! I don't want to get too upset because not all dogs know how to read.

  11. You let a trike rider put your bike away? No wonder he dropped it! LOL Glad that there was no damage, for his sake anyway! Hope for much better days ahead........

  12. I.M. always remindered of what Grandpap always said, "Someonebody's bad day are often anotherbody's really, really bad day, but it are just hows y'all looks at it that makes it that way."

  13. You're right! It was s-o-o-o not your day! Same thing happened to me! LOL


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