Another good day of riding....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Well, our time here in Maine is coming to a close. Today was our last day and we planned to visit L.L. Bean and two breweries in Portland. We also wanted to make a quick stop at Big Moose HD again to pick up something for my brother.

The weather was the coolest yet, perfect for riding. Big Moose wasn't busy so the stop there was quick...well, long enough for Stu to enjoy a cup of coffee. LOL! Then it was north to Freeport, ME and a visit to L.L. Bean. We found a nice bench in the shade and traded off sitting with Sadie while the other shopped.

Stu found a great pet tie-down for Sadie and some much needed slippers for himself. I got a diner's mug and three small decorative bottles (all to be saved for the eventual cabin). Of course, since we were sitting in front of Ben & Jerry's, we had to indulge....LOL! Sadie completely enjoyed all the attention she got while waiting.

Then it was back to Portland and the Shipyard Brewing. We did the swap-out with Sadie again. I went in first and as soon as I mentioned coming out for the dog, one of the gals had to come out and see her. Then three regular customers came by and really made of her. Stu bought a six-pack of beer and a pint glass for our collection.

It was getting late and the sky was getting cloudy as the temperatures dropped so we skipped the other brewery and headed back towards the campground. We stopped in Saco, ME at The Kerrymen Pub for dinner. Talk about LARGE servings...LOL! I got my fried clams (whole belly) and Stu got the Fisherman's Platter. Both were very good...and we took a large box of leftovers back home (including some delicious fresh bread).

The rain started about 20 minutes out but we got home and quickly loaded up the folding bicycles and folding chairs, putting my motorcycle under the awning. Tomorrow is moving day so the motorcycles will get loaded in the morning...hopefully NOT in the rain.

We've so enjoyed our time in New England, just wish we had more time to spend...we will be back! On to my last three states to be ridden....Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. That will make 48 states ridden for me...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Dang those clams looked good. I love NE and all that seafood.

  2. Those are some huge plates of wonder you took some home. Always good to get two meals for the price of one. Looks like a nice ride.

  3. Wow those really were huge portions!

    Wish we we're sounds so nice.

  4. I am taking off this morning for my first solo vacation! Excited and a little scared as I venture out on my own! This is the maiden voyage for me as I start to prepare for my trip next summer to Nova Scotia - SOLO! Sent for my passport the other day and will keep making longer and longer ventures out on my own! Visiting old friends from florida in Akron, NY. Can't wait to see them - I've missed them all so much - but we will have a great reunion and enjoy our visit.
    Wow - 48 states of riding - now what is some feat! Might as well fly and rent for the other two at this point! LOL Safe travels as you move! dots.................
    Almost forgot - Hi Sadie from Badge.

  5. I've enjoyed your Maine trip since we missed it this year. Hope Sadie has a nice raincoat and goggles for rainy days. Wonder if she is keeping track of how many states she has riden on the bike? Oh, maybe I need to go read her blog, oops.

  6. WOW the food looks great... being from Mass I really love clams and seafood. That made me hungry for them! GREAT photos
    Have fun


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