I got in trouble today....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Daddy says I have too much energy.
Daddy says I bark too much on the motorcycle.
Daddy says I'm stubborn.
Daddy says sometimes I drive him crazy.
Mommy says it's about time I drove daddy crazy instead of her. [snicker]

We went riding today and stopped at elly bean's. I got to see LOTS of people who LOVED ME (so there, daddy) and petted me. One man thought I was a miniature Boxer....he said I was gorgeous, perfect color and body. Sigh....I think I love him.

I got some ice cream today from benny jerry's. Daddy even let me have a little of his cone and mommy let me lick her cup. Two flavors and both were yummy. I love benny jerry's.

We stopped at a place called the shipyard and I got lots more loving. There was a lady who came out of the shipyard to see me and then three more folks came over from across the street. They loved Boxers, too!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Tell Daddy that's how you keep him young and fit - trying to keep up with you. And of course, everybody loves you. How could they not.


  2. That's okay Sadie, all your blogger doggers (and humans) still love you!!!

  3. Hehe, I gots in trouble today too, and it was a whole lotta fun! My pawrents have never given me their ice cream yet! Guess I gotta show them this post, so they will! Puppy kisses, Miss Mindy


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