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Friday, August 13, 2010

While we are here enjoying the festivities here in Sturgis, I'd thought I'd pass along links to a couple of blogs I follow. Some folks are on short term trips. Some are on longer ones.
USA Tour on a Harley-Davidson

One on a longer trip is a fellow that Stu and I had the pleasure to meet today here in Sturgis. Gary shipped his Harley-Davidson from England to NYC and has been touring the country here ever since.

This has been an almost life-long dream of his...a time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of years of hard work. His supportive wife is back in England while Gary lives out his dream. I hope you will take time to check out his blog and follow along in his travels. We really enjoyed chatting with him and hope to meet up someday in the future.

The Oasis of My Soul

Another on a longer trip...actually a full-time RVer who is traveling this summer and staying in a tent is my good friend Ara and his pup, Spirit. I have mentioned Ara's blog before but it's always good to pass it along once more. I first met Ara in December of 2007 when I was in Texas. We did a little riding together on a trip into San Antonio. Then Stu got to meet him this past winter at Ara's land outside Big Bend, TX. We look forward to meeting him as we all travel. Oh, and be prepared to be amazed by the photos in his blog!

Ribbon of Highway

A shorter trip is the one taken by our friend, Brian. Brian is fulfilling an old promise, riding his motorcycle from the US into Alaska. He's on his return leg now but I think you'll enjoy his writings. I had followed his regular blog for some time, have bought a couple of books he's published and finally got to meet him and his wife Heidi in Colorado this past spring. Hoping we can share some highway with them

Great Motorcycle Adventure

I have two lady rider friends who are off on an extended vacation, Donna and Mary. I've been friends with these two for eight years...wherever they are, there will be a good time. LOL!

My EPIC Journey 2010

Helen, aka ScubaPiggy, took off on her grand adventure earlier this year. She's back home and getting a new engine put in her bike.

Bee in the Wind

Kate is normally busy running her own business back in New England, but she took time off to tour the country this year. Back home, I think she'll be on the road again before long.

I hope you enjoy this little introduction to our riding friends and their adventures! We're still having a blast here in can check out the photos at SmugMug. 2010 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally We'll keep adding to this album until we leave and head east towards Elkhart, IN where we will be attending the Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Thanks for the links to the blogs you mentioned. I look forward to taking a look and reading.
    From the looks of the pics you are having a great time!! :-)
    We aren't going to be able to attend either rally this year. Best made plans....
    Mike's brother called and his grandson(7 yrs old) has been diagnosed with leukemia. They live in Nashville and so does Mike's mom (88 yrs old) and we feel we might need to be there to help her out since Pat is busy with his grandson. We also would like to see Hunter and give our encouragements. We don't know when the bone marrow transplant is scheduled yet. Keep him in your prayers.

    You guys have fun (like I need to say that, lol)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Fat chance Gary from England would leave me home and cruise the countryside without me!! If nothing else, he would get a side car big enough for me and a case of wine!!!

  3. Thanks for the blog links. I'm slowly making my way back to Georgia. Currently in Idaho. When I worked at the Badlands last year, I was amazed at the number of Europeans that came over, rented or shipped their bikes and went to Sturgis.

  4. Victoria "MsChief"August 15, 2010 at 9:13 PM

    Hey Donna,
    Did Mary, Donna and Nick make it back home okay? There is no past after the 7th. =(


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