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Monday, August 16, 2010

We know the first thing we need to do it get our puppy used to riding on the motorcycle. That got us looking at pet carriers, even though we know she will get too big at some point for them. But you have to start somewhere...LOL!

Neither of us was thrilled with the idea of using a backpack or sling. We also wanted something that would work if we are both on Big Red. We also didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a temporary solution.

A lot of research brought us to a pet carrier from T-Bags...hoping to find a used one since it will be a short term solution. The good thing about this model is that it fits on top of the tour pack luggage rack, no modifications.

As the puppy grows, we're hoping we can modify the Saddlemen BR4100 Dresser Back Seat Bag. Stu has one that he uses as his luggage on trips, we wouldn't want to modify that so again, we'll be looking for a used one.

If the pup doesn't get too big for the back seat bag (Saddlemen), the we will probably keep BRAT and just get it repainted to match Big Red. For under $500 we would have the same functionality as the $3000 Road Dog trailer (plus $400 paint option).

The final decision will come this winter when we have a better idea how big she's going to get...and how fast she'll grow. We'll keep everyone updated...

Oh, and we're still looking at puppy names for our future little girl. Hoping to come up with something to do with travel, wandering, Route 66. Even names that are Celtic, Gaelic or Scottish in origin. Some of the suggestions so far are BeBe (Betty Boop), PeBe (Pit-Boxer, her breed and Peanut Butter, her color), DG for Daddy/Donna's Girl (we're getting the pup from Stu's youngest daughter), Roadie, Seadhna (Gaelic for wanderer..pronounced Shayna), Nomad, Hiker, Bea, Trixie and more. Feel free to jump in!

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna


  1. I think a great name would be Douglette or maybe even Dougarina

  2. A pit bull /boxer mix? I had to babysit one who was a teenager and she ate my furniture. They are a very active breed and very loveable. Truthfully I would have loved to keep her. As far as a name? You will know when you meet her. I like Seadhna.


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