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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Those of you who have followed our other blog, 2 Taking a 5th, know about BRAT (Big Red's Attack Trailer). For those that don't, BRAT is a used cargo trailer that we bought before heading to TX for the winter. Stu cleaned it up, redid all the wiring and added lights. We also got the BRAT Rack custom built to carry the trailer.

Fast forward a year and I bought the Nightster....the BRAT was no longer needed so we stored it (and the BRAT rack) at a friend's house.

Fast forward another year and we are planning for our Route 66 ride. Initially we thought we'd use BRAT and tent camp. Then we looked into the tent campers like Time Out and Bunkhouse. We had decided that camping would be the way to go, saves a lot of hotel bills.

Today we found something that might have changed our minds once more...LOL! Stu's youngest daughter has a new litter of pit-boxer puppies. We fell in love with the first litter but fortunately we weren't close enough to be too tempted. This time around we will be in Maryland when they are due to be adopted out. We are 99% sure we will be adopting a little girl pup. Both parents are the friendliest, best natured, loving dogs as are all the puppies from the first litter.

But what to do about the Route 66 ride? Well, seems like a company named Road Dog has a solution that might work for us. They have a VERY nice cargo trailer with a built-in section for a pup. Open, barred or screened...three ways to travel with plenty of ventilation and still offer a goodly amount of cargo room. The basic specs are on this page (they don't have this trailer on their website yet).

Of course this means looking at tents again...and something a bit bigger and nicer than the $25 one we picked up at Wal-mart. LOL!

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna


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