Motorcycle decision is made!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

If you've been following along, you know one decision that had to be made. Was I going to ride my Nightster on our Route 66 ride.

Two things weighed on my mind. The first was the small gas tank...only 3.2 gallons. That meant stopping about every hundred miles for gas. Doable but a pain...and there are always those times when gas stations are too far apart.

Second was the rough ride on my Nightster. Being a lowered bike, the shorter shocks really put my back into pain at times. The more miles, the more pain. again, Doable but not fun.

Harley-Davidson realized that they needed to make some improvements in their lowered bikes, especially in the Sportster line. They recently introduced a completely re-engineered motorcycle, the SuperLow. The beefed it up with a 4.5 gallon gas tank as well as moved some things around allowing for longer shocks...and a much improved ride.

So once again, fate intervened and we found ourselves at a dealer in Jamestown, ND and they had a new Birch White & Sedona Orange SuperLow. A deal was worked and it's now in our garage!!!

I am so excited and know this is going to be a much better bike for the Route 66 ride!!

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna


  1. Congratulations on the new bike, Donna! I know how much you love riding, and it will be so much more fun on a comfortable bike.

  2. Is this your site Donna?... Happy for you about the bike.
    What is that ride? Any details? Are you riding from LA to Chicago?...
    Be well... Ara & Spirit

  3. Why the back rest?????...just to carry stuff???

  4. Ara, yes...this is our site. We plan to do the ride in early May 2011, taking at least three weeks to go from Chicago to Santa Monica. We will start from TN. Then we'll meander back to and the new pup!

    Steve, the backrest is a detachable sissy bar (so I can take it off around town) and will be used for luggage.

  5. I jus luv it. Congrats to both. Ain't it great when we can come up with all the justification for a new toy.:-) Ya'll be safe out thar.


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