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Sunday, August 15, 2010

We are still here in Sturgis, watching as the campground occupants disappear rapidly around us. Today was gorgeous...staying in the 70's for a high, dipping into the 60's as the sun set.

We spent the day downtown, checking out the sales where we picked up more shirts on sale as well as two sweatshirts. We also lucked into a good buy on a trailer hitch for Big Red. We found a few miscellaneous items...Buffalo Nickle vest extenders for Stu (and then he found some great ones with the fire department logo so had to grab them as well), a custom Red Knights MC derby cover for Big Red, two flags for my bike (Stu plans to make me a custom sissy bar flag holder for one or both of them, and some beeswax product to treat and waterproof leather (of course Stu had the "girls" treat his boots with it first...LOL!)

When we stopped for lunch, I spotted some good friends from Florida. I knew they were visiting in Deadwood but hadn't made contact yet. I ran out of the restaurant and managed to snag them for several hours of chatting. It was great to see them and catch up. We hope to meet up with them this winter while in Florida where they now live.

After leaving them we wandered some more, took a bunch more bike and people photos, stopped in One Eyed Jack's for a drink, took more photos, then stopped for a great dinner of Fish and Chips (Cod and Curly Fries....yum!).

You can check out the photos in our SmugMug album, 2010 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the companion album, 2010 Sturgis for Adults (this one requires a password...sturgis...if you are easily offended by nudity then do NOT view this album).

Now on to some more miscellaneous....

I forgot one other lady rider blog...I think I follow too many. Check out our good friend Sharon's blog as she rides from GA to WA to meet up with her son. She is now on her way back home. She is a full-time RVer and fairly new rider. Strong and independent....she rocks!

Recently there seems to have been a spate of RVing friends with personal or family illnesses. We are fortunate that in our lifestyles we can change plans as needed...like having plans set in Jell-O. But I know some of these folks really wish they could let the Jell-O set up a little more. Sigh....our heart and best wishes go out to all of them!

We think we have picked out our puppy...she's a little female pit-boxer from the second litter of Stu's daughter's household (Didi, the best little pit bull I have ever known and Pickles, a rescue Boxer with the sweetest personality). We were fortunate to not have been in the area when the first litter was born. Now with the unexpected arrival of the second litter (yes, she IS getting SOMEONE fixed), we are hooked.

She doesn't have a name yet but some are under consideration.
  • BB for Betty Boop
  • PB for Peanut Butter (her color) and her heritage (Pit-Boxer)
  • Pebbles which kind of goes with the PB
  • Seadhna which is Gaelic for wayfarer or traveler (pronounced SHAY-na)
  • DG for Daddy's Girl and Donna's Girl (LOL!)
Stu also liked Roadie since she will be traveling Route 66 with us. I liked Sturgis and Dakota since that is where we were when we decided to get her. While here we found a trailer that will really work well for us (and her). It's a cargo trailer built especially for travel with pets. Made by Road Dog, it's sturdy and well made with provisions to keep the pet safe, comfortable and cool. The top can be open, barred or covered with a screen.

Not sure when we will leave here but probably Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow we are thinking about riding Needles Highway and I still hope to ride the Badlands. Then we head east to Goshen, IN where we will be until Labor Day weekend. As we travel from IN back to MD we hope to visit my son in OH and my step-daughter in NY and maybe even some friends in PA....time will tell. We have doctor appointments starting Sept 13th so that is the drop dead date to be there. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. sturgis does not work for the adult photos. Even tried it with a capitol S! Its ok, looked at the other ones too! LOL

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby!! She is so cute! She will make a great addition to your traveling team. Keep us updated on the name choice. When will she join you?

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Gerri & Mike, we should get the pup in late Sept/early Oct timeframe, before we leave MD.

    Curious, hmmm....several others have used it okay. It's just the word sturgis with no spaces on either side, no dots, nothing.

  4. I have a stuffed bear who insists on living in our Hiker..I call him Nomad...and he is...That pup is soooo cute! and I love South Dakota...we need to get back to Deadwood and lose some more money at the slots! Be safe on those big bikes...in other words, watch for idiot 4 wheelers!

  5. I think Pilgrim would be cute, they were travelers. And I know our family is not every many generations removed from our "ancestral" home as it were.

    Emailed you some more ideas ;)

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