West Glacier to White Sulphur Springs via Helena (MT)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We finished off our last two days in West Glacier with a whimper....well at least I did. I ended up with a dreaded summer cold. Nasty! Saturday I felt blah so we didn't do anything. By Sunday it was worse...I never got dressed, spent the day taking aspirin & Sudafed as well as napping. So no more sightseeing.

Monday we loaded up and headed off to Helena where we planned to spend the night at Wally World and meet up with friends, Bill & Cindy, for dinner. Our route started out to be the same as when we came up from Missoula through Polson but deviated and took us a little more easterly. Gorgeous scenic ride...I snapped a few photos when I wasn't napping.

We stopped for a snack by the roadside where these horses were pastured. Gorgeous!

We passed lake after lake...Seeley & Swann come to mind but there were many more. Just beautiful!

We got parked at Wally World and since I had napped so much, I left Stu napping while I shopped for our pantry. About six Bill came to pick us up and take us up to their beautiful home in the hills overlooking Helena. Cindy had fixed a wonderful dinner to go with the salmon that Bill grilled. YUM!!

We spend several hours catching up to date on our lives. We had planned to meet up at the National Folk Festival in Butte but missed each other. It was nice to be able to chat without regard to time or surroundings.

We also got to enjoy their new little puppy, Jack. I think he's about 4 months old. A ball of fur in a breed we had not heard of...miniature Australian Shepherd. Adorable!!

We spent a quiet night at Wally World and headed off around 11 am...no need to rush, we only had 75 miles to go. Once again we were treated to some gorgeous scenery and before we knew it we were in White Sulphur Springs at our home membership campground, Conestoga Campground. We felt like we were at home!

We got settled in, unloaded the trike and then proceeded to take naps. LOL! Life is good....  We will be here 3-4 days, still deciding how long. Then we head towards Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

Now, off to medicate this cold some more....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Get better Donna, I don't think there is anything worse than a summer cold, uck! If you are heading to the park through Livingston give us a call, we would love to meet you for breakfast or lunch!

  2. You may as well head by the pharmacy, and pick up some Suphredrine (pseudoephedrine.) It's the D part of Claritin D. . .It's what my allergist put me on as a preventative for pine pollen. . .I take it twice daily since we have been in Yellowstone. . .the pine pollen is like talcum powder. . .lots of sniffling, sneezing folks here. You have to ask for it from behind the counter, and sign for it!

  3. Conestoga Campground. Hey, that's where we met you (first) and Stu (a couple of days later). Those lakes you mentioned are gorgous, and they are on our list to come back and see again some day, God willing!

  4. Sorry you are not feeling well. Sure hope you get better soon. Love the pictures of the lakes ~ they are beautiful.

  5. Sure hope you feel better soon! I suppose it could be allergies..I have problems with the Pine Pollen in the Piney woods of Texas..Montana is such a gorgeous place..and you are on to Yellowstone?? One of my fav's in the whole country...Like standing on top of a volcano..(actually, you ARE!) Have fun!!

  6. Get better, Donna. It sounds like you need that 3-4 days to restore your batteries. You're certainly in beautiful country!


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