Movie, Beer & Dinner

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We headed out late morning for a casual day, staring with a movie in neighboring Kalispell. We still hadn't seen "Knight & Day" and the promise of lots of action, car chases, adventure mixed with comedy and romance was intriguing. The movie promised as delivered...we both loved it. Surprisingly the connection between Cruise & Diaz was very good!

That said, we both fell in love with the little sporty roadsters used in several of the car chases but have been unable to identify them. Anyone recognize these?

From there we headed north into Whitefish, an as yet unexplored town for us. The first stop was to be the Great Northern Brewery and then we planned to walk the town a bit. After a false start (at a bar & grill named almost the same), we found the brewery in a very upscale looking building, obviously built for this purpose.

We sampled a bunch of beers, not finishing many of them. Our dual favorite was Fred's and a surprising second was the Wild Huckleberry. Their stout was good, too but surprisingly neither of us much liked their amber.

I had to splurge on a t-shirt for one beer that is a fall seasonal choice (and thus not available now). I'm sure you can see why...I would have bought the pint glass but they didn't have it. LOL! Stu added a growler and a pint glass to our collection. He says we're going to stop on 6 growlers.....riiiiggghhht. ;-)

We headed down one side of the street, stopping in stores as they interested us. Lots of upscale ones, some antiques, some pottery, the ever present jewelry and clothing stores, too.

But we did find one really interesting shop, Backdoor General Store. Starting with a wide variety of local items, we snatched up the missing pint glass (see above) and some sugar-free huckleberry jam. We are both enjoying all the huckleberry treats offered around Montana.

But another treat were the quilts in the store....oh, my!! Looking at all the fabrics I thought of my friends Janna and Karen (Fabgrandma) who both quilt. So I had to ask if they sold fabric in their online store. Sure do, was the answer! So here you go gals...lots of western themed fabric as well as other nice ones. Have no idea about pricing, just passing it along.

By the time we had walked off our beer and checked out the local stores we were hungry. We decided to head back to the Hungry Horse/West Glacier area and check out a local hangout that seemed to always be busy when we passed. The place definitely had character....inside and out. The beer was cold, the food was good for Stu and barely passable for me (burger was mostly filler, little meat). Fun but don't think we'll go back.

A final note....we have started another blog. Yeah, call us crazy...this one will be used to document our preparations for riding Route 66 next spring. Want to learn more or want to follow us....check it out here: Riding Route 66 in 2011

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Starting another blog? Yep! You're nuts, LOL! Too complicated for me but I think that's because I used different sign in names. So will I follow? Heck ya! Can't wait!


  2. When we were in the Kalispell/Whitefish area about 20 gazillion years ago, it was pretty "bought up" by stars and such. Pretty pricey place if I remember, but really neat to see. As I said, we stayed in Bigfork....Love those micro-brewerys!!!

  3. I don't know if you were following my blog back in 2008 when we drove Route 66 but, if you'd like, you can check it out here: Apparently that's when I changed hosts because the current blog only goes back to day 7 of that trip. :)

  4. The roadster you are look at in the movie Knight and Day is a Brabus Roadster Coupe Xclusive. Nice little car!

  5. Looks like a fun day :) I missed that part of the expedition but hope for many more fun adventures :)


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