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Friday, July 23, 2010

We still have a lot of initial planning to do. We need to set a budget since we live on a fixed income. This will be our big vacation for 2011. So here are some of the things we are still considering and discussing.
  • How often to hotel it....thinking maybe once a week unless the weather is bad.
  • Do we use our current cargo trailer (The Brat) and tent camp or do we upgrade to a tent/camper trailer. We both like the idea of the camper trailer so might start checking out the ads this fall and winter. Would definitely be a used one.
  • How to manage our dietary requirements while traveling. We're thinking about using our 12 volt cooler for yogurt and milk for breakfast as well as keeping fruit & veggies fresh. Eating out is bad for our diets as well as our pocketbooks. LOL!
  • Do I ride my current bike, Twister (2008 Nightster) or do I upgrade? Lots to consider here. Comfort, distance we can ride before needing gas, future bike storage (Twister fits in our toy hauler, another bike won't)...hmmmm.
  • What modifications need to be made to the bikes. Stu is thinking about adding an adjustable mount for his tourpack so it can be moved back a bit. He loved his Saddleman luggage for the back seat but it does push his backrest forward a bit. This would solve that problem.
  • Speaking of luggage....I may opt for something more rigid than what I currently have. Not sure...easier packing and easier finding things for sure. I have used both kinds.
I know there is more but this is what we've been talking about most recenlty. We are both really excited about this trip!!

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna


  1. Have you explored dried/dehydrated foods as elements of your diet? I have been exploring and experimenting with them. Most are snackable and can be made to serve in combinations as meals. Many can rehydrate in cooking. Once we have completed our move I intend to establish a kitchen laboratory to experiment with dried/dehydrated foods. No refrigeration, light and easy to store.

  2. I vote to upgrade to the camper. Hey.... it's not MY money I'm spending :)

  3. had a tent/camper trailer, LOVED it. It was years ago, a starcraft. Sounds like you are turnig this inside out for all possible alternatives. Good for you. I see no seat of the pants traveling here.


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