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Saturday, July 17, 2010

We've already started looking at websites, books and maps in preparation for the ride. We are allowing a month to do the ride, most allow two weeks. That said, if it takes us longer, so be it. The only damage would be to our budget (which is TBD).

I suspect this will be the end of my long trips, especially after doing it on the Nightster. It was five years ago when I toured, trips lasting as long as 10 weeks, but I was on a much larger and softer riding bike, the Softail Deluxe. Anyway, I want to make the most of this trip, seeing as much as we can from the bikes.

We have bought a couple of books, one is a turn-by-turn book of maps and directions. We expect that will be our "bible". Stu has also downloaded a map to the GPS. We'll see how that goes....LOL!

We are planning on doing as much camping as we can to help save money. We already have sleeping bags, an air mattress with pump and a small tent. But we are now thinking that we might invest in a camper trailer made for motorcycles. This winter should see some hitting the used market. We had looked at them before but ended up with a cargo trailer (now stored at a friend's house). The cargo trailer would be used for this trip unless we get a camper trailer. We'll keep you updated as we go along.

Photos will be one must along the trip but I suspect we will be chronicling the unusual, not the normal scenic views (unless they are unusual....LOL).

Not sure what else to put here right now...Stu will be writing his thoughts on the trip - the whys & whatfors.

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna


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