Cruise to Alaska - Day Seven - At Sea

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today was a quiet day of relaxing and reading. Since we are at sea...there is nothing to SEE.. (sorry....hee-hee). Dinner was our Second formal night...we were invited to the Captain's Cocktail Party beforehand...we were napping and missed it. LOL!

So I thought I'd post a couple of snippets about what we like so far, what we might change and ramblings.

So far we LOVE the small ship. It seems as though people are generally friendlier, more inclined to sit down and chat. The same goes for the crew...everything is more laid back.

We still like the late seating and this time around we seem to have done very well with our table mates. Jan and Al are from Phoenix, formerly from CA while Patti and John still live in CA. We always seem to find something to chat about and our sense of humors seem to mesh well.

We don't know if it's this cruise, the recession or what but the evening activities are pretty quiet. On our Panama cruise, the bars were hopping every night as was the casino (when open). This time around, not so much.

We've found ourselves staying up late because it's so light out...we sit at the front of the ship watching the scenery go by....very relaxing and usually some nice music to go along with it.

We have discovered one thing about shooting the scenery from inside the boat. All the windows are tinted and the photos have a blue cast. Doesn't matter if I use my Panasonic Lumix or Stu's Canon. Same thing. After taking a gazillion of photos this way I tried one of my "scene mode" settings...the one for underwater. I figured water is blue in cast so maybe it would filter it out. Guess did! Needless to say, I tried to use that when I remembered but you will still see a lot of blue cast scenery photos. LOL!

We've heard that this ship is leaving the Princess line. We asked and found that it was being moved to P&O since it can't be retrofitted to meet the Princess new standard. All Princess boats will have the same amenities like suites, mini-suites, balconies, Sterling Steakhouse and Sabatini's Italian as well as the new movie under the stars. April 2011 will be the last inside passage cruise for this ship.

We also heard that Hoonah (Icy Strait Point) will no longer be a stop. We were very disappointed to hear that since it has been our favorite stop so far. We worry about the economy of the town since they have done a lot to encourage tourism. I hope they can retain their charm and stay economically sound.

Okay, off for now. Tomorrow is Seward and we are doing the dog sled excursion. We get to see PUPPIES! LOL!!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


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