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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Okay, going to try to get back into the swing of things with the blog. Really, I am...honest! They may be shorter but that is a good thing. I tend to write a book each time even though I know it's not necessary.

So, first things first....a quick update on the last month. Then tomorrow I'll start posting some of the photos. I haven't been real good about remembering the camera so many were taken with our iPhones. Guess that's better than nothing!

When we last left you, we were in Florida and heading off to Tennessee to get some work done on our bikes as well as see some friends. We were also interested in looking at a piece of property we had found online.

We kept a close eye on the forecast since there were heavy rains in northern GA and southern TN. We planned to stop in the Atlanta area to see my youngest daughter and her family. Thanks to the weather (heavy rain, flash flood alerts, road closures, etc) we spent an extra day in Albany. Worked out well...we had perfect weather from there to Atlanta and got to spend several hours with the grandkids before hitting the road again.

My Realtor, Joanne Landrum, in the Cookeville area had arranged for us to look at the property we had found as well as several others. We dropped both bikes off at the local Harley-Davidson dealer (Boswell's) and she picked us up at the hotel. That was the beginning of three FULL days of looking and walking various properties.

We had originally intended to leave on Saturday morning but two things happened, our bikes weren't totally ready and it was raining. Since we couldn't get the bikes till Monday morning and Sunday was looking to be a gorgeous day, we opted to stay and keep looking at property. There seemed to be no end to what was available....we finally found one we really liked and are working on an offer as I type this.

As to the bikes, the trike needed the 5k service and mine was getting some cosmetic and performance work done (stage one upgrade, new BLACK slip-ons and heat guards, new BLACK rocker covers, chrome fog lights repainted BLACK and mounted inside the engine guard as well as the wires being run inside it and Progressive BLACK shocks). Here are a couple of photos...

On Monday Sep 28th we headed back to Maryland, sticking to the interstates to make time. I had a new patient doctor appointment early Thursday morning so we had to make it in by Wednesday late. We did....phew!

My doctor appointment went well...renewed my meds and added one new one. Scheduled a bone density exam (done with no changes since 4 years ago, re-check in 2 years keeping my calcium supplements up and working on getting more exercise) and....drum roll please....my way overdue colonoscopy.

Now if you are like me, over 50 and never had one done, please read this [Dave Barry: A journey into my colon -- and yours - Dave Barry - MiamiHerald.com] and then call to schedule yours! I'm not looking forward to it but I will get it done. Maybe I'll print out the newspaper article to keep in the bathroom with me...LOL!

While we're at it, it's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so gals...get your BOOBIE check done (and remind your daughters, sisters, etc). And then remind your hubbies, brothers & sons to get their prostate checks done.

Okay, getting off the medical soap box now....LOL!

So, we are settled in Maryland until the end of the month. We still have dental, hearing and who know what all appointments to get through. Stu is going on a "boys only" motorcycle ride this weekend with his buddies, I plan to get a new tattoo with Stu's youngest daughter (Melissa) and maybe make it to an informal cookout at his oldest's (Heather). Next weekend in the Renaissance Festival (check out last year's blog) the last weekend of the month we'll take the two grandgirls to Hershey Park for Halloween (1 yr old and almost 4 yr old).

Then we move to Delaware to attend the Punkin' Chunkin' before finally moving southerly. We'll be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving, then down to Florida for a month or so. We have a 10 day cruise to Panama just after Thanksgiving and we're really looking forward to that. When we get back we will meander over to Arizona for "Q", a huge annual event for RVers.

Okay, enough rambling...see what I mean? Once I start typing it's hard to turn off...LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Sounds like you have a really busy schedule. If you are going through Alabama on your way to "Q", stop in at Payne Lake Campground south of Tuscaloosa and say Hi! We'll be three from Nov 1 thru April 15.

  2. Donna, both of us have had colonoscopies, and we're due again next year. We read Dave Barry's column years ago, nearly died laughing, and nearly died laughing again this morning! Thanks so much for sharing that. We emailed it to ourselves so next year, after doing the MoviPrep work, we'll have something to read and laugh about while sitting on the commode. You've done a real service for those who haven't had the procedure and should.

  3. Thanks for sharing Dave Barry's comments with us all...i printed it out for future reference...also, are u on Twitter..would love to keep up with u that way...think u can set your facebook comments to go to Twitter, too.

  4. Hi Froggie,,,Great to hear from you!!
    Since I'm WAY over 50,,I've had dozens of those "rear end" jobs.... The process is no bother,,,its drinking all that CRAP that I Hate!! Plus they won't let me mix Vodka with it....:-)...

    You Bike is looking GOOD!! Now you have a MIDNIGHT SPECIAL!!!

    Carefull where you put that tatoo....LOL Say Hi to Missy,,,for me..

  5. Excellent reminder on SOME of the checkup's we need as we age. Hope everyone is following your advice. I have male cousins who have had the prostate surgery and have it on good authority that it's no fun! The colonoscopy even keeps you from needing the annual check for that. My SIL is just now dealing with breast cancer; didn't take long for my wife to schedule her mammogram. Clean, thank goodness!


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