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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I love Disney...well at least I did the last time I visited, over 25 years ago. LOL! They had just built Space Mountain and Epcot was still on the drawing board. Needless to say, it's grown way out of control since then...LOL!

While in Florida for the week taking care of Stu's mom's affairs, we ended up with a free day AND good weather. Stu suggested we ride over to Disney Marketplace...nice little ride, a re-intro to "Buy Disney", grab some lunch and ride back.

We grabbed some lunch at The Earl of Sandwich...great sandwich, could have easily split it but we had no idea how large they were. We then wandered some more and I found my favorite spot...the LEGO section. Wow! Can you say WOW!!! I was impressed....

Next stop was the dinosaur area and I SO wanted to Build-a-Dino...LOL! I can definitely see this being a huge hit with all ages. From there we headed back to where we started, taking a second tour through the LEGO store. We opted to stop at Giardelli's for some awesome ice cream!! According to the mural on the wall, I've mispronounced their name for years. Oh's easier to remember MY way. Hee-hee....

The ride to Disney was a constant barrage of traffic and lights. The route home was quite, peaceful and time we'll take that route BOTH ways.

All the photos are at SmugMug...oh, and yes, once more I FORGOT THE CAMERA so all the pics are from our iPhones. Ooops... Enjoy!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

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  1. I've always been a Mouse Addict, but lately the fix just isn't worth the hassle. Too many choices, too many cars, too many people!


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