Blame it on Facebook.....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I've been quite remiss in blogging lately....and I think it's all Facebook's fault. No, really, it is! Stu and I started using Facebook last December...our kids dragged us over from MySpace (which we REALLY disliked). Fast forward two months and we are really enjoying Facebook. We have all our kids, several grandkids and a smattering of other friends there. Fast forward again and we have both have a large list of friends (RVing, motorcycling, old friends, new friends, etc), old school chums, past get the idea.

So, we tend to update our status on Facebook quite frequently...sometimes several times a day. We upload photos from our iPhones (which we can easily use to update our status and check on everyone else). We chatter, we play games (okay, I play games) and just generally stay in touch.

BUT that means I forget to come and blog....I mean after all, I did post our updates in Facebook. Right? See, it IS Facebook's fault...honest!

I am going to try to get back to more regular updates by blog as well as trying to remember to carry my camera more often. For example, when we were sightseeing in Savannah, I forgot my camera. That meant that all the photos we took were on our phones. Someday I'll get them transferred to the computer. LOL!

As I posted previously, we made it to Florida on the bikes. Stu's brother and niece arrived and between us we managed to get Mom-Mom's apartment cleaned out. We also picked up a new batch of mail that wasn't forwarded (and hopefully speaking directly to the mailman will have corrected that little glitch), took care of the phone & newspaper, got in touch with the lawyer for the final estate stuff and then spent a day just putzing around central Florida.

A ride over the Disney Marketplace gave us a few relaxing moments (photos to come later, along with the Savannah ones...LOL!). We had a nice lunch at The Earl of Sandwich and then a great ride back to Mulberry where we were staying. We also managed to catch an early afternoon movie on Friday, "The Informant". Quirky movie, not at all what I expected....Matt Damon did a terrific job with the role.

Saturday we loaded up the bikes and headed north. Since my ride limitation seems to be 6 hours or 200 miles, Stu had charted our route accordingly. We are on night two...the first in Suwanee, FL (where we hit the swimming pool almost immediately after arrival) and Albany, GA tonight. Last night we walked to a little Italian/Greek restaurant and tonight we rode over to Cracker Barrel.

So far the rain has held off....but don't think our luck will hold our. GA & TN have been under the rain cloud and look to be continuing that. We head to Acworth, GA Best Western tomorrow where we hope to have Monday night dinner or Tuesday afternoon lunch with my youngest daughter. It all depends on her work schedule.

From there we head to Cookeville, TN where we will spend several days. The Tri-Glide needs its 5k service and the Nightster is getting the Stage One upgrade, new slip-on mufflers and heat shields (black to better match the bike), new rear shocks and a few other little things. We also will be looking at some property just north of there that interests us. Not sure if anything will come of it, but will let you know.

Once we finish our business (& pleasure) in Cookeville we plan to meander back to Maryland...we don't have to be there until 9/30. Stu wants to see more of Kentucky and already the Corvette Museum is calling to him. But a lot depends on the weather...hope the rain clears soon.

So that's the latest round-up from our neck of the woods....and yes, it IS all Facebook's fault.....LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Wow - noting on the blog about all the Cracker B dining - only the good places get listed here. The property sure looks great - if it was in the west I'd buy it in a min.

  2. Facebook is VERY addictive. At my kids recommendation, I signed up kicking and screaming. Now, I'm the one who is on Facebook all the time. Would love it if your blog was accessible from Facebook like RV Dreams. How bout it????

    Donna, FL

  3. Hey Donna,
    I've started to use the Share link at the top of the blog post to make an entry in Facebook. Works pretty slick. Write in Blogger, then share to Facebook. Best of both worlds.

  4. I hear you Donna! Facebook is just plain addictive -- and a great way to keep in touch with lots of folks. I've just figured out the iPhone picture stuff. Is technology something else?!

  5. Facebook has definitely changed the way I blog. My BikerChick blog has remained pretty much the same, but my "local community happenings" blog has really suffered because now I post all my links and items of interest on FB. And, now that I have cleaned up my FB "news feed" by hiding all the dang games and apps, I like it even more! :)


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