Rock Hall Bike Fest

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a great day we had…we headed out about 1:00 to Rock Hall, MD. Although only a little over 50 miles, it was an hour and a half ride through gorgeous countryside, dotted with the changing colors of fall. We rode through the tree-lined streets of small towns, winding our way back to the water where the bike fest was being held.

We passed so many motorcycles going the other direction that we didn’t think we’d find many folks at the event. We were wrong…..when we arrived around 2:30 there were hundreds of bikes. The parking lots were well laid out with little wooden parking coasters for every bike!

As we walked to the event area we heard the roar of the bike contests….obviously competing for the loudest pipes. LOL! We spotted a booth for patch sewing and took our vest over to get them done. Really happy to find someone before heading south.

We wandered the vendors, grabbed some food & drink before climbing back on the bikes for the ride home. The temperatures were cool but not unbearable….although I did plug in my electric gloves, can you say TOASTY! We ducked into Cracker Barrel for some hot coffee and dessert and then before we knew it, we were back home.

Great day!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. We've got a big stack of patches Suzy hasn't had time to sew on our denim jackets. Do you 'spose these folks would take a liking to us and help out? Of course, we're not bikers and we're not in Maryland, so ...

  2. Hey I like that fifth wheel. Is that a new model


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