A Controversy over Clotheslines - Really!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I think many of us remember the clotheslines of our childhood. Are they truly going to be legislated out of existence? What a sad state of affairs….don’t we have bigger issues to be regulating? Have we really become so intolerant of others? Just MHO…. Read http://cabinandcamp.blogspot.com/2009/10/controversy-over-clotheslines-really.html


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  1. Hmmmm. Think the washer/dryer industry is behind it? Really, there have to be more important issues out there. I use my dryer, but I also hang out many things on a single retractable line on my deck. Not that anyone would know it, I'm so hidden from the "traffic" around here!

  2. I live in a place where they do not allow the long clothes lines but still do allow the tree like things. My Mother wouldn't use a clothes dryer until she could no longer go up/down the stairs to the back yard or basement in the winter. She liked the smell of the clothes dried outside. But I'll admit that the towels feel better when fluffed by a dryer than the board like things they come off the clothes line feeling like.

    Thanks for your visit. I'll probably continue the blog although as you notice I don't do as many posts as I used to when traveling.


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