Canadian folk singer killed by coyotes, park official says.

Friday, October 30, 2009

EEEK!! How horrible…we tend to think of Wiley Coyote at best and attacking small animals/dogs at worst.


  1. A single one is not a huge concern for humans unless it is very, very hungry. But a pack is a different thing altogether. It doesn't say how many animals there were, but it is plural. A good reminder to all of us.

  2. The link did not work for me, but this type of thing is an example of why it may be a good idea to carry a firearm if you are out hiking or boondocking far from civilization. Statistically, you are not likely to get into a situation where it is needed....but bad things do happen. And not just from wildlife - but from people as well.

    I've been "tracked" by coyotes before when hiking. It is not a good feeling.


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