What a difference a day makes....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boy, can we attest to that! Stu just posted that Mom was doing well...ready to move to assisted living in a week. The next morning we get a call from the rehab center, the ambulance is taking her to the ER. Her blood pressure and pulse were raised and her pupils were pinpoint. We headed to the hospital quickly.

Turns out her blood sugar was in the 20's but by the time she arrived at the ER it was 212, according to the paramedics who had given her dextrose. The nurse felt she would be discharged before the day was out. We weren't sure since she still wasn't back to the norm we knew. Well, we hadn't been there 20 minutes and it had dropped to 19....scared the pants off us. She couldn't talk, barely could breath, didn't recognize us or even really respond to our voices and her eye were bugged out huge.

The nurse immediately grabbed a doctor. Another shot of dextrose and then more added to her IV drip. A lot of tests ordered...blood work, chest x-ray, CAT scan. As of last evening there was nothing definitive. She was waiting for a room in ICU. Stu talked to the ICU doctor and if there had been no medication error (which is always a cause for concern) then it could be a late reaction to the heart attack (more blood work might help tell that), an unknown infection (they gave her a huge dose of IV antibiotics just in case), a recurrence of her breast cancer (she had an appointment set on Monday to see a surgeon to biopsy a lump - will know get it looked at while she's in the hospital) or something unknown.

We got a call this morning and she is now in ICU so we are headed off to Bay Tree to pick up her glasses and visit. Hoping we will have more news today. When we left they were having to keep the IV dextrose running or her sugar continued to drop.

Mom is almost 91 years old and has survived a lot....if it is her time then we can only hope it's pain free and peaceful. Blogs will continue to be sporadic....thank you all for your loving & caring thoughts and messages. They are appreciated.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Unnerving and scary! Good luck to all of you.

  2. Oh no,..... strong thoughts headed your way for all of you.

  3. Many of us have been exactly where you and Stu are now Donna. Like all of us, you will get through it. Just make sure that Mom is comfortable and take care of each other.

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We know what you're going through. Big hugs to both of you......

  5. Croft is exactly right! Take care of each other, because you are all you have. Of course, you and Mom will be in our prayers.

  6. prayers are with you guyss.. it's never easy as we both know, but at 91 you have to be prepared for the worstluv to you both..ydnask


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