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Monday, July 27, 2009

We just keep on keepin' on. Mom is back in the rehab center and getting back to her previous level. Still some work for her to get back on the feet. The doctor thinks she should be able to get to her new assisted living apartment this week. Her 4 days back at the hospital set her back a bit. Still do not know why the blood sugar took a dive, hopefully some more information on that this week.

We are trying to cope with the hot weather here in central Florida. We take advantage of the few cooler days and get on the trike and just ride. This past Saturday was one of those cooler days. We went to a local bike night at a place called Biff Burgers. The place was packed, plenty of bikes, some vendors, a band that looked as if they got stuck in the '70s, beer and good food. The place has an interesting history. They used to be a franchise up and down the east coast. With increasing competition and other interests by the parent company, the franchise died off with the St. Pete restaurant being the last one standing. There's a great history tab on their web site. The first Friday night of the month is a Classic Car Cruise in. We hope to "cruise in" as well.

Donna had her first practice ride on the new trike. She still needs to build up her strength for the clutch, but it was a good first outing. She said it was really different from two wheels, she had to fight her old instinct to counter steer on the turns. She'll get it, I have no doubt.

We have enough miles to satisfy the break-in and I am really starting to feel very comfortable with this machine. Some things are still very tight but seem to be loosening with each ride or the bike is getting used to me. Either way I am very pleased with the way things are going.

We still plan on being in the Smoky Mountains for the remainder of August after Mom gets settled in her new "crib". Then September in New England. Looking forward to some cooler climates.

Keep rolling, we will (eventually)


  1. Wow, didnt know you were in that area of Florida.. We were there last week for a few days. We used to live there and went to Biff Burgers occasionally. We liked going for breakfast.. They certainly do get quite a crowd on bike night..
    Safe travels..

  2. Hey there...miss you two!

    We are going to be in the outerbanks from sept 11 to 18th. I know that we are going to see you after that but thought I would mention it. We will be at Ocean Waves Campground along with the usual suspects....Art and Irene, Karen and Jerry, Debbie, Gary and Jackie.

    Grandma Julie is doing very well and the gg's
    *grandgirls are beautiful. I am anxious to see your ggs when you are back here in Maryland.

    Take care, p aka Maxx Goddeht


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