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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our routine is pretty set now. We get up, have breakfast, check the critical things online then head to the rehab center to visit Stu's mom. After she eats lunch we go to lunch and then visit the assisted living facility and work on getting her new apartment ready for her. From there we go back to visit till after dinner when we return home to collapse. The only variation is running errands in between times. LOL!

Stu's brother and two of his nieces visited for two days and were a HUGE help in getting everything moved from the old apartment to the new one. Things are shaping up now but we still have to visit to pick up her mail until the mail forwarding kicks in.

We have financial stuff all over our rig as we work through what needs to be kept, what needs to be paid, what needs to be cancelled, etc. Never easy to jump into the middle of these things but it must be done. (Note to everyone, make sure you have a list of names - account numbers - addresses - phone number for all your financial items. Took us driving around to several banks to find where the safety deposit box was located...LOL!)

Mom is physically improving much faster than we all anticipated and we hope to get her moved to her new apartment in two more weeks (or so). We'll stick around another week or so to be sure she's settling in and adjusting. In the meantime we are investigating moving her to a facility in Maryland where she can be close to family.

We hope to make a VERY quick trip up to TN this weekend to pick up the trike. The weather has been terrible here in Florida, rain every day. There was some pretty good flooding in the town we are in but not in the campground. We have found one a little closer to where mom is so plan to check into there when we return from TN.

We are also trying to get a long-needed-fixed living room slide awning taken care of as well as our new-need-to-be-fixed bedroom A/C that is not running properly.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. It's tough, I know. Went through this with mother, father and mother-in-law. But they took care of us so we take care of them. Hang in there and best wishes to all of you!

  2. Yes, we have been through it as well so just remember - you WILL get through it. Another bump on the road to your future! Best wishes.

  3. We just went through this with my parents, also in Florida. Moving and sorting was bad. I have them s/u with online banking so I can take care of their business, also have a durable Power of Attorney. One tip, take a phone book withfor the town she is in, it's great to locate any business services or medical providers numbers and address'.
    Phil and Rudee

  4. We also know what your going through as we did the same with my Dad, then Mom...Its a job, but you feel good doing it and you are definatly doing the right thing....

    Been thinking of you guys a lot lately, glad to get the update...

    We have been emailing Melissa and getting that set up...It is taking shape... I just took Susi (Suzuki) out for a little spin. Boy it ran like a million bucks. You do have to Choke it Full choke for the first 3-5 minutes after you start it, when it gets warmed up it runs GREAT... Sure hope she enjoys it...

    You guys be carefull, I know you have a LOT on your minds......

    Travel safe!!

    Mike (&Pat)

  5. It's a tough job you have right now - we'll add you to our prayer list, for strength, wisdom, and the courage to do what has to be done.


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