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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yup, sometimes there just seems to be too much life and communication outbound seems to fall by the wayside. I am weeks behind in email replies as well as blog reading. Figured I should at least toss out a quick blog update!

Stu's mom continued to improve physically and we got her hair done. This seemed to lift her spirits and we noticed she was starting to put on her makeup as well. She was walking about 100 ft with a walker and on Thursday they took her off her oxygen. Not bad for almost 91 years old!

We did head out last Friday from our campground in Port Richey, FL to Cookeville, TN where our new 2009 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide was waiting for us. We took our time heading north since we were dealing with some rain as well as July 4th holiday weekend traffic.

We got a late start and spent the first night in Lake City, FL at the same campground we had stayed in on our way south, Oak 'n Pines. Good Passport America price, level site and long enough for us...oh, and great satellite reception. LOL!

The next stop served a dual was a good midway point, we had stayed there before, we could still get a reservation (July 4th) and it let us meet up with my youngest daughter and her family for a great Cracker Barrel breakfast! We had originally planned a weekend outing in Chattanooga with them but our unexpected trip to Florida changed that. It was great to see them all and we still hope to do a camping weekend with them on our way north when we finally leave here.

From Canton, GA we headed north to Cookeville where we had permission to asphalt park at Boswell's Harley-Davidson. We arrived in the rain late Sunday afternoon and opted to grab a movie on the way in (Transformers 2). We parked and tried to sleep, waiting for the dealer to open on Monday morning.

Because Cookeville is in Central Time Zone and because Stu couldn't sleep, the first thing done on Monday was to unload Big Red and remove any accessories that we could either transfer to Big Red 2 or sell on eBay. Next we took a look, our first, at our new trike. WOW!!! Talk about gorgeous...and loaded. Kind of took Stu back figuring out all the new control, radio/CB, security system and lots more. We finished up the paperwork, turned over Big Red's keys and headed out for a ride.

We still needed to visit my bank to change my name and add Stu to the account so that was next on the list. Since we were across the street from my old office, we stopped in to show off the bike to my former boss. From there it was time to grab some lunch and then make a stop at the local Social Security office to finalize my age 62 "official" retirement paperwork.

We headed back to the dealer to pick out the first round of accessories and needless to say, Stu wanted to start putting things on right away. I took a nap (hee-hee) while he lovingly slaved away on the bike. Finally at a good stopping point, we geared up and headed out for a nice 60 mile ride, capped off with coffee and strawberry shortcake at Cracker Barrel (okay, no cracks.....LOL).

Here are a few pics, more to come later. Oh, ALL the photos in today's blog were taken with my iPhone so please forgive the quality. ;-)

We spent one more night parked at the dealer's, got a few accessories mounted early Tuesday morning and then headed south, back to Florida. Can you say rain? Sigh...not looking good for much riding, at least for another week.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Aw! Mom looks great!!! Hope she has a speedy recovery. I sure hope I'm smiling like that when I'm 91...

  2. Stu's mother has the most beautiful smile! I wouldn't have guessed her age as anywhere near 91! So glad that she is doing better.

    You keep the that big guy of yours safe until I see you next -- I still owe him a wedding smooch :)

  3. Stu's Mom looks like one sweet lady. You go girl!

    Do you have a name picked out yet for the Harley Tri-Glide? Just wondering.


  4. Harley sure hit one out of the park with the new trike.... I like it and I'm sure it will give you a great bike to ride..


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