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Sunday, July 19, 2009

We visited Mom-Mom yesterday and she was greatly improved. She was still on the Dextrose but at a lower dosage level and while we were there her blood sugar checks were decreased from every two hours to every four. When we left on Friday night they were doing them every 30 minutes.

Still no idea what precipitated this episode/event. She has consults this week with an endocrinologist as well as a surgeon who will biopsy the lump on her chest. It was great to see her much more her old self...she was upset that she was going to miss our party. Hmmmm? We figured out that was her current euphemism for her moving to Coral Oaks....for some reason she thought we were hosting a party. Oh well, it all works out...LOL!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful, thoughtful and caring emails and messages. They are appreciated. We'll visit again today but suspect we won't know anything further for a couple of days. Needless to say a medication error is starting to look suspicious...

On a more personal note, we finally have the Wii hooked up and have been trying to do our Wii Fit every morning. It amazes me how stiff and inflexible I have gotten since we stopped using it about 2 months ago. We feel good when we use it so it's now back into our daily morning routine.

We also had bought two folding bicycles at Camping World but haven't been where we could really use them (and if we were, there wasn't time). They were on sale for $149 each so I knew when I sold my Trek Navigator, they would about be paid for. Stu finally dug them out of the back of the truck yesterday and we took about a 20-30 minute ride around this big park we are staying in. We're going to try to do that nightly now, as long as it's not pouring. We just have to balance our motorycle evenings with our bicycle evenings....LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Keeping all you in my thoughts. Hope Mom-Mom stabilizes soon so your lives won't be held hostage much longer.

  2. Ahh, bless her heart (worried that she would miss your party).

    Hope you are having fun with your bikes (all 3 of them LOL)

  3. So glad to hear Stu's mom is back on the mend. Such a roller coaster you've been on! Hope this is the beginning of good health for her and some down time for you. Take care.

  4. That does sound like a bit of good news, even tho it's really no news. Good for you to get back into the bicycle and Wii Fit routines. Don't let all those joints get rusty!

  5. Hope things are looking up for Stu's mom. You guys sure have been leaping from one thing to another in the past 6 months (actually, the past year!) So glad you have each other for moral support and to share "life" with.

    We're still hoping to be able to get together again down the line somewhere...sometime... Be well!

    Renee & Dave

    PS -- The new bike looks great. Stu must have a thing for "red!"


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