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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Really not much new to post. We have been trying to get out on the bike every day, burning up those pesky break-in miles. Stu loves the bike, hates the 3000 rpm limit on the break-in miles. LOL! We're thinking about running over to the east coast of Florida this weekend, spending a night and trying to get the mileage up.

The folks from Canada that bought my motorhome out in Colorado made it okay. Things seem to be going well for them and they are enjoying the rig. Makes me happy to know that someone who will appreciate her bought the Lilypad. I hope she gives them many happy miles of travel!

Stu's mom is slated to move to the assisted living facility on the 23rd if nothing changes. She can do a little motoring with the walker and they want to get her to do more. She is becoming a little too dependent on the wheelchair...I think if I were almost 91 and recovering from a heart attack, I'd do the same. LOL!

She is doing better, no oxygen, meds seem to have everything under control, appetite is up (gained 2# this week) and still the social butterfly. She is settling into a "new" normal at Bay Tree and we know that will have to rebuild when she goes back to Coral Oaks. So it looks like we'll be here until August....time will tell.

We've modified our travel plans a bit due to the extended time here. Our tentative plans call for a week in the north Georgia mountains (at least a long weekend), then off to the Smokies for a couple of weeks. I have a big motorcycle event in Roanoke, VA the end of August so we'll do New England during the month of September (and a little of the Adirondacks as well) and maybe some of October.

I know there was something else I planned to put in here but for the life of me, can't remember. So guess this is it....time to RIDE!

Oops, just remembered...sold my Trek bicycle yesterday through the local Craigslist. Glad to find a new owner for it and for a little extra in the pocket.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Everything is good! Sorry your plans have changed, but then, the beauty of retirement is flexibility! Have fun!

    My daughter lives on the east coast in Melbourne. That's my favorite part of the state, even without her!

  2. Take your time,,,,,you have ALL the time in the world!!
    You know what I mean,,family is cherished.;-)

  3. Hey Guys
    If your going to be in upstate NY take a look at the chapter 41 rally. As of right now, we plan on being there. Tom

  4. When you come through the Adirondacks give a shout and maybe we can connect for a hello and cuppa somewhere!

  5. Hi Donna. Teresa and I just had the most enjoyable day with our rig. We were hiking in Estes Park, Colorado. Yesterday, we met Jack and Danielle Mayer, and had much fun talking about RVing. Everyone we meet is most impressed with the excellent shape you left the LilyPad in !! Thanks again, and we can hardly wait to hug you in person !! Trent and Teresa


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