Visiting McKean County, PA

Friday, October 10, 2008

What a great visit we had, the only complaint would have been was that time was to short. Wednesday night we had dinner at my friend Mary Ann's house and my other friends, Betty & Terry, joined us. Meeting Stu was tops on their list and needless to say, he was an immediate hit. Breakfast the next morning added three more friends for him to meet and the results were the same...not that I had any doubts. Everyone came over to take a tour of our home, there were a few raised eyebrows. Wonder what's been added to THEIR shopping lists. LOL!

Mary "Animal", Terry & Betty

We were thrilled that the rain from the previous day had left the area and we could look forward to a great day of riding. After everyone left we saddled up the bike and headed to the county seat in Smethport. But first we spotted a post office, we had some things to mail, while passing through the little town of Mount Jewett. We found a spot in front of a little park and headed in...when we came out we saw a gorgeous mural. It's called the Heritage Mural and is unique.

From there we continued on to Smethport, the county seat, enjoying more small towns and pretty fall scenery along the way.

Smethport was a pretty town and our visit to the Courthouse gave us a direction to head to try to find my 1/2ac lot I had bought.

Those of you who have followed my blogging for a while know that I love dead trees. Well now you can add old barns & buildings to that list. This area was full of them but I only snapped a few. (You can see more general scenery photos at SmugMug.)

My property is on Windfall Road in Eldred, PA. We found the road, then located the trailer on the property just down the road from my lot. As we walked the road frontage a couple approached us. Turns out that the gentleman's father lost the lot in a tax sale and he knew exactly where it was. I had thought it was wooded, but it was actually cleared (by his brother). Turns out the neighbor on the other side is using part of my land to store his boat...won't worry about that right now since I have no idea what I will do with the land. Taxes are now under $5 a year....LOL!

We still had a lot left to do before dark so we headed towards Bradford for a cup of coffee and some pie & ice cream. The next blog will cover our visit to the Zippo/Case Visitor center and our ride out to where I used to live and Kinzua Dam.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


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