Old stomping grounds in TN...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We arrived in Breckingridge Lake Resort outside Crossville, TN late on the 13th. Nice little membership park, quiet and rural. We settled in knowing that we needed to spend the 14th on maintenance issues and the 15th would be spent riding...sightseeing...meeting old friends...riding...LOL! Oh, and getting a haircut with my old hairdresser.

On the 15th we headed out to a local convenience store, gas station, restaurant for breakfast...well worth the stop. Delicious! We proceeded on to do some riding through to my old town of Sparta, TN. [Here is an old blog entry about the area: Small Town Living: The Gathering Spot], passing a cute little fire department station and seeing some great scenery on the ride.

Our first stop was the Post Office to mail a few things....and the husband of one of my old co-workers was working so we caught up on his family. We headed through town, stopped at my local McD. Only one of the girls I knew was there but she was thrilled to see me and meet Stu. From there we took the scenic route to my old house. We passed by Calfkiller River and stopped to take a bike photo similar to one I had taken in 2005 with my motorcycle.

We lucked out at my old house, not only did we catch the neighbors on both sides at home but we caught the couple who bought my old house. Greg & Jennifer have done a lot of the things I wanted to get done but never managed to get handled. The house looks great as you can see in the before (left) and now (right).

We headed up to Monterey on Hwy 84, one of the nicest rides in the area. Lots of old farms & barns before hitting the more mountainous area with a lot of tight little twisties. What a blast! I grabbed a few barn shots....love those old barns!

A little more riding and we hit Cookeville where we visited my old Harley dealer, a local biker spot selling the TimeOut camper trailers we are interested in and then JC Penney's where I got a much needed haircut. We enjoyed a nice dinner at the local Logan Roadhouse and then headed back to the rig. What a perfect day!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Donna and Stu -

    It's good to visit old territories and old friends. Tennessee is a pretty state, and we need to spend more time there. Thats for whtting our appetites.

  2. How fun to go back and visit your old home and visit with everyone. Lately, we've been thinking alot about Tennessee, NC and Virginia since it's autumn and is especially beautiful during this time of year.


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