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Sunday, October 12, 2008

We arrived at Oak Creek Campground via the scenic route....let me back up a step. We left the service plaza on the Ohio Turnpike and headed towards Cincinnati where my son lives. As we got closer I sent him a text message with our estimated arrival time (for some reason I had next to no voice thanks to whatever was blooming in eastern OH...LOL!). He suggested we meet at the Harley Dealer that happened to be close to his house.

Introductions & shopping done (had to get Stu a Firefighter Edition t-shirt), from there we headed to the campground. A straight shot, my son told us. Traffic wasn't bad in the city and before we knew it we were in Kentucky. As we approached a major split in the highway we noticed that BIBs (our GPS) was silent. Closer and closer we came to the intersection...still not a peep out of her. So Stu made an executive decision and took the right hand split. Needless to say, BIBs then decided to speak.....we heard the dreaded words....."Recalculating".

While we inspected the new directions I noticed a sign for our campground. Hmmm, why turn around and go back xx number of miles when we can just take this road. So we took the next exit and followed the campground signs......and discovered why maybe we should have turned around and gone back those xx number of miles. LOL! Narrow, twisting roads...tight turns, lots of trees and even a guardrail laid almost on its side. Hmmm....was this the campground that mentioned big rigs coming in from the highway side? We made it, including the turn into the campground which had us about turning inside our selves to make it.

We got settled in and then headed into town for dinner with my son & his wife. Nice place, topped off a good dinner with some good ice cream at the 100 year old Aglamesis Brothers. Yum! We made plans to meet around 10 on Sunday morning for a nice ride around the Kentucky countryside.

Our first stop was at Jane's Saddlebags, a local biker spot. Turns out they had closed for the season but had opened up due to a large ride coming through....what luck. It's a unique little stop, acres of land, little outbuildings of all types, fun for kids, food service, little store and so much more. Here are a few shots. More in the SmugMug album.

After that stop we headed out on some nice back roads with the next destination being the quirky little town of Rabbit Hash, KY. There were not only bikes galore but several nice Corvettes parked on the street. We found a parking spot and wandered the stores, checked out the old buildings and flood markers, watched the riverboat across the way, grabbed a bite to eat and just generally had a good time. More photos are in the SmugMug album.

From there we wandered all over the countryside....great riding! Eventually we stopped in the little town of Augusta, KY where we would take the ferry across to Ohio. First we wandered the little shops where I got a HUGE surprise. I had been on the lookout for a small basket for the kitchen counter. I saw one in the general store in Rabbit Hash but it wasn't for sale.

While in the Rosehill Marketplace I saw a basket holding a bunch of old silverware and I asked if it was for sale. The lady said I was the second person to ask that and I laughed and told her it matched two other baskets we had in the RV. She said if she could find a basket in the back that would work to hold the silverware then I could have it. She came back with one and I helped her transfer the contents. She told me it was mine...I wandered a little more and then stood at the register to pay. She came up and told me to take it, it was mine. No charge!! I was amazed and pleased. So, if you are ever in Augusta, KY please stop into this little shop:
Rosehill Marketplace
Antiques, Accessories & Gifts
131 Main Street
Augusta, KY 41002
The ferry ride was fun, small boat where the engine/captain portion actually pivots to head in the opposite direction.

Once back in Ohio we headed towards Cincinnati again...time for pizza. Along the way we stopped for a break at the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial Park. While resting a couple rode in on a Can Am Spyder. Having now seen both this and the Piaggio MP3, I like the looks of the Piaggio best.

What a wonderful day....riding was perfect, the quirky little stops were right up my alley, I got my first ferry ride and then had dinner with family. Doesn't get much better...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Excellent recap! That was a fun day. I think we put in around 160mi before it was over.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the Mayoral election in Rabbit Hash! :-)

    It was great to see the two of you and spend a day of riding and enjoying a few highlights of the local biker flavor. I'm thrilled you had a good time.

    Love ya!


  2. What a great, fun day. Looks like the weather was wonderful, too.


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