Traveling to McKean County PA

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 7th was our travel day, taking us from Front Royal VA through WV, a little bit of MD and on into PA. We were headed to McKean County where we would spend three nights and two days, meeting old friends of mine and hopefully checking out the 1/2ac campsite I bought on eBay.

I slept late, woke up grumpy and achy....not a great start to the day. Stu was his ever cheerful self and we were organized and on the road before 9:30. Another nice day...sunny and cool but not too cold. We made good time, enjoyed the scenery and then stopped for lunch in Altoona, PA (where I lived for 15 months). We found a good pull-off, threw out the slides, tuned in the DirecTV dish and fully enjoyed our lunch which Stu followed with a little nap while I spent 48 CELLPHONE minutes with my RV insurance company. What I thought would be a simple task, changing to reduced coverage while my rig is in storage, turned into a marathon phone call. I do have to say the the two ladies I dealt with at Foremost were superbly helpful and efficient. The complication was moving to recreational use while stored in CO, not on the road (with SD as my "garage"). A whole new policy had to be written but it saves me $200 a year so it was worth it.

Here are some various shots from along the way [all photos here]....I didn't track what photos belong to what state though....LOL! You can see the colors are near peak further south while once we moved into northern PA they were just past peak. The last photo was taken right beside our rig as we checked into the Foote Rest Campground here in PA. Seems as though they as permanent, semi-tame residents. I would take more photos but today the weather has turned to rain and mud. Maybe tomorrow!

Tonight we head to a dinner where Stu will get to meet three of my closest friends. Tomorrow morning we'll meet more of the locals at breakfast....our old weekly "Breakfast Club" group. Other than that we plan to do a little sightseeing (where I used to live, Kinzua Dam, Bradford for the Zippo tour) and try to find my land. From here we will head to OH to meet up with my son and his family.

Last note, our winter plans seem to be changing. I think we are pretty well decided to stay between FL and maybe TX for the winter. Lots of thought went into this and for many reasons it makes more sense for us (Missy's wedding in April is a major factor). So seeing the SW will have to wait till next winter....but see it we will!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Donna and Stu, You are living some good adventures and sharing some good pictures. The fall colors are delightful, and the Firefighters Memorial is a fine tribute to the men and women who help take care of all of us!

  2. Hello Donna,
    Thought I'd make my appearance in case you lost my email info with your computer problems.

    I was hoping to see you and meet Stu sometime this winter, maybe while you're in Texas as I will be heading in the direction at the end of the month.

    Stay happy and hope to see you this winter!
    Betty from Alaska

  3. I haven't dropped by in a while, lots of changes going on, and my goodness. That is a beautiful rig. I am so happy to hear that all is well in your life. Texas is nice in the winter but we are going to stay in Arizona. My son moved in, we are considering buying a house, but hopefully we will be moving on down the road in February. Perhaps our paths will cross again.


  4. Hi there folks. I'm trying to subscribe to the blog as I type. Nothing new here. Jeff is busy with the beginnings of winterizations. The driveways full of boats once again and he has worked all weekend. Be thankful you are retired! Be safe on the road. Love you! Bev


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