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Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick note....my Frappr map is gone. All the member entries were lost (and not just on my map, many other suffered a loss) so I sadly removed it. Sorry! If I can find a replacment I will try it again. I loved the visual representation of where everyone was located.

I also removed the clock on the right...took too much time to change it. Instead I have a little text blurb that will give you a rough representation of where I am, what the time zone is and where I will be heading next.

As soon as I finish my cup of coffee I will be heading north to Elkhart. We survived the cold night and all seems to be intact. Now just hope all the tires held their pressure! Will post again tonight.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Hi Donna - I'm so glad you're "on the road"! A few times when you didn't post for a few days, I kind of wondered if you had changed your mind about the whole adventure, and it's great you stayed with it.

    I'm hoping/planning to become a fulltimer myself, and there are a few questions I'd really like to ask.

    - DID you have any second thoughts when things got down to the wire?

    - What's it like, emotionally, when you're first out on the road? Is it exciting/euphoric, or a little letdown for the first few days, or like you can't quite believe you're actually doing it?

    - Fulltimer blogs often mention the feeling of freedom that you have living in a rig vs. a house. But RV's have problems and need maintenance too. Do you think, so far, that it's easier/more freeing to deal with an RV than a house?

    By the way, I'm really impressed with how you deal with the shakedown problems you've had with your rig - esp. that you know what solenoids and relays are!

    Looking forward to your further adventures -
    Joan Wannabe

  2. I'd like to send you some of this Hawaiian heat. We are not used to 88 degree temps! Our kids at home in NW Washington State have also asked that we send some. We will be back into the cold ourselves late Wed night & probably end up spending that night in a hotel in the airport area as I don't think there is enough time from when the plane lands to get to the terminal, get our checked luggage & still catch the last shuttle bus home. There is 40 min for all that in the schedule but that assumes the plane will be on time.

    I am enjoying reading about you facing & solving various problems in the fulltime RV lifestyle. I also envy you being able to do it.

  3. Hi Donna. Just wanted to leave a quick note about the map. Platial just took over Frappr, but we haven't yet finished the migrration of their servers, etc. As soon as we can get in there, we'll figure out what is going on. It's very, very unlikely that the map members are really lost. Lost data is a serious matter and I'm sure frappr has the proper safeguards in place.

    I'd love to help you make a road-trip map on Platial. You can put pictures and even video on it. I think it would be pretty cool. Email me tracy AT platial DOT com if you have any questions. I'm happy to help any way I can.

    Tracy Rolling
    Platial Community Advocate


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