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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The day passed quickly albeit starting way too early for me. Once the shop opened I moved into the customer lounge with BoBo, his food/water & toys, some magazines, a book and my laptop. There were already three folks in there. One I met last night, a gentleman from Washington state traveling with his little red Min Pin named Missy. (She once again proceeded to let BoBo know that SHE was the alpha dog!). The other couple left shortly afterward, headed out for a day of sightseeing and by 10 am the lounge was quiet - well except for the two house dogs that arrived. Winston is a English Springer Spaniel, still a puppy by the looks of his feet. Gorgeous but very laid back. Chewie is an older pup and looks to be a Shih Tzu. I'll try to take some photos tomorrow.

I worked on the computer, read, walked BoBo and just generally relaxed until closer to closing. During the day there was a myriad of folks stopping in, BoBo protected me and the sofa admirably from them all. LOL! Between being in protect mode and playing with Winston and Chewie he had a full day.

After walking around the yard and talking with the others here, I realized that if I could get the Lily Pad moved to the end of the building with my right side exposed (no rig), there was an excellent chance I could get my satellite dish working. The owner of the last rig at the end moved his car to the other side of his motorhome and I moved down to the empty spot. I have to run off 15 amp here but figured that shouldn't be an issue for anything I am doing.

Plugged in, turned on the dish, listened to it whine - grind - chirp - whirl, then stop. Came back inside, turned it off and turned on the TV. VOILA!!!!! It now I can keep up with my prime time shows. I missed Heroes last night and tried to watch it online. Way too slow and choppy so gave it up.

Several things got done to the rig, the most noticeable to me is getting the closer put on the screen door. I had bought it but couldn't figure out the instructions so asked them to put it on. It's SO NICE to have it close behind me...I still have to latch it but I know BoBo won't push on it enough to get out (unless I left him with the door not latched). At least I can now get out the door without worrying about it staying open. Minor item to most but combined with a working TV, it made my day!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Oh!my God... you are going to remove the OVEN to fit power for the solar?... The cooking Gods will never forgive you... Having the identical one here, I can say that it is a great one, bakes real nice... where is the smilie with tears when it is needed!
    I can't wait for your no TV days to come by... over 30 years for me not having watched that grilled fence to the World... how can you even find the time? You will discover the true meaning of Life without it... Hummmm...
    Have a great day... to the both of you.
    Ara & Spirit

  2. Hi - Just a comment regarding the comment about TV - I also dislike TV in theory, however if you live on your own it is truly hard to be without it.

    I did without TV for ten years and was proud of myself for being so self-reliant, but when I gave in and got a TV and a VCR/DVD (no cable at first, and where I live that means no broadcast channels at all), I was happier. Then I got the first 26 channels on cable - happier still!

    Finally, I got the first 100 channels plus on-demand free movies, and I was in hog heaven - EVEN THOUGH the last show I was truly head over heels about was "Northern Exposure".

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to cancel the cable because it's expensive and I'm still technically pretty anti-TV. But after 48 hours I started to get this bleak feeling, which I recognized as how I used to feel all the time, pre-cable. So they're coming to hook it back up on Friday.

    I love books and I read quite a lot. Books are great but they don't give you actual color and movement and sound.

    And it would be great to always have real, congenial people to talk with at the end of the day. The reality is, however, that most of those congenial people are inside watching THEIR televisions.

    So as soon as I'm hooked up again, I'm going to give "Heroes" a try, since Donna mentioned it's a good one (and let's face it, they're never going to bring back "Northern Exposure").

    Joan Wannabe


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