No more stix ‘n brix

Friday, October 26, 2007

For the first time in many years, I no longer own a sticks and bricks house. The closing today went fine (my Realtor let me know) and the funds will be in my bank account on Monday. I had to rush a bit this morning to get out, had stuff from the bedroom - bathroom - living room to transfer. Some of it is still in a muddle....stuffed in bags, totes, etc....but I will eventually get it all sorted out. LOL!

My satellite dish didn't arrive until almost 1 pm so spent all afternoon waiting on the installation (along with my new radio, DVR & DVD player). Everything works well, few inconveniences like having to keep the cabinet door open while the sat/dvr is running but I can deal with that since I only have to flip a switch to hook onto the satellite. They also ran the wires for my Sirius radio and antenna, no more cables dangling all over the place!

I'm sitting in the installers parking lot, hooked up to their power for the night. It was dark when we got completely done and since I had to clean up what they had done (boxes left behind, some Styrofoam from drilling, cabinet needing to be repacked so it worked for me) as well as still deal with the totes/bags I stuffed into the RV from the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Gonna take a bit to resettle things.

Can't wait to get service...right now my steps aren't working and I can hear a ticking sound that just doesn't stop. I know it has to do with the damn battery disconnect switch that is flaky. The repair folks suspect the relays on the switch are bad.

Will pick up the bike & trailer in the morning and head north. Because my batteries seem to think they are always disconnected, I have to stay in a campground instead of the Flying J or Wally World or no power, no tv, no water, no toilet, no heat! Now off to figure out where on the route to Elkhart I will stop tomorrow night.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Hi from Maui;

    Your great adventure is underway!

    We are in Maui until Halloween when we fly home. The daily temps here are around 88 degrees but it does cool down to around 70 at night. I love it here but Pat thinks it is too hot & not all that different from So Cal. Maybe she is right, when you consider the difference in cost to visit the two places. We did not bring our motorhome over!

  2. Bon Voyage!! Hope to See Ya Down The Road.

  3. Jim and Linda (Jim01)October 27, 2007 at 6:21 PM

    So glad to hear your house sold! One giant step for Donna!

    Can we uncross our fingers now?

    Jim and Linda (Jim01)

  4. Congrats, Donna! glad to hear that the closing is now "past" history for ya!

    Michael,Crow,...and Wanderwolf!

  5. " having to keep the cabinet door open while the sat/dvr is running but I can deal with that..."

    I had a similar problem with my Apple TV. The remote would not work through the cabinet door, so we cut out the center panel and replaced it with smoked glass (did it to the other side so they match). Looks great and works great. Now we can keep all the cabinet doors closed yet still control the unit.

    Just a thought...
    -- jcw3rd


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