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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Several quick notes today:
  1. You may have noticed that the Frappr map is back! It seems as though Frappr was bought out by and it was taking time to move everything over. I'm not sure they are completely done since I am unable to edit my own pin. Once I leave here I will delete it and re-add it to this map and others I am on.
  2. Frappr photo size - someone posted that they were unable to add a photo. That may be due to the changeover, not sure. Here is a link to the Frappr FAQ on photos if you have questions.
  3. I have added my email address to my profile. If you have a question and want me to answer you, you need to email me directly. If you post a comment I cannot email you back and if I post a comment back I have no way of knowing if you will ever read it. So please feel free to email me and I will reply as I have time (please be patient ).
Okay, housekeeping notes done.....the RV is coming along. The coach batteries were dead again, they are now recharged and we will see how they do. Frustrating that nothing definite can be pinpointed except possibly my hitting the switch at the wrong time. I'm going to see if they can come up with some way to put a lid over it that I will have to move to disconnect the batteries (it's located in a spot where it's easy to accidentally hit it).

The guys working on the Lily Pad have been great....very patient. It's beginning to look like we might get the bulk of my list accomplished with two full days left. While they have a reputation for good work but being slow, I think giving them a deadline with my items prioritized is helping.

A couple of rigs left today but another arrived. I think we are at 4 or 5 staying here. All very nice folks, enjoy chatting with them. All are couples except the gentleman from Washington state with the little Min Pin.

I wanted to take some photos but never got around to digging out the camera today. I love my new camera but it's overkill for basic little shots like this. I think I will put a cheapie little digital on my Xmas wish list. Something small, easy to fit in a pocket but no real extras. Currently when I move into the customer lounge I have my laptop bag, BoBo and a tote bag with my purse, magazines, a book, and for BoBo a small bowl for water, food, a chew toy & rawhide, water bottle, bagel and a snack for me. Hard to add a large camera bag to that mix and made more cumbersome because I can't leave BoBo alone so every trip in or out, he accompanies me.

The weather is turning colder with a low forecast for 38 tonight but tomorrow night it's 32...glad my heat works well! Daily highs are dropping from the mid-60's to the mid-50's. Winter is approaching this are and I need to get moving for sure.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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