Home again, Home again!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Just a short update with a few pics. We had an uneventful trip home even with Stu temporarily losing the GPS for the RV routing. He used his phone and we took back roads all the way from Folkston to I-16 (to Macon, GA). It was a beautiful drive with no issues with the rig size.

It was a first for the #2doods, they got to sleep outside their crates and were quite good. Stu noticed they were less hyper in the morning when he got up so we will try it again when we get home, leaving their crate doors open.

Murphy on the hammock:

Cooper on the hammock:

Settled in for the night:

We spent the night in the Flying J parking lot, enjoying a Denny's breakfast, and I snapped a couple of cute pics.

Our coffee mugs had sayings:

A last thought of Disney:
Micky & Minnie at Flying J

What everyone needs? huh? Metal martini glass?
Stainless Steel Martini Glass? For sale at Flying J

We made it home in good time, got the rig parked, pulled Scooby out so the car could be parked, turned on the water (forgetting the outside faucets were turned on - something to add to next fall's list), turned on the breakers, and fired up the refrigerator. We brought in enough to make it till morning and crashed by 10pm (very early for us).

We were surprised at how green everything way and how much was already blooming/growing (including weeds and lawn). So on Friday Stu mowed the lawns and did some trimming while I moved the food (refrigerated & otherwise), did most of the laundry from the RV (still need to strip the bed but there is no rush), moved all the bathroom and most of the office items. There is still a lot to do but most of it can now be done as time allows. The power is on and the A/C is running so no rush.

Front yard:

Back yard:

A few flowers:

The #2doods settled back in, racing around the back yard to be sure nothing had changed, and standing guard at the front door.

As almost always at the front door, Cooper to the right and Murphy on the left:

Waiting for Dad to finish his peanut butter so they can lick the spoon:

Almost there:

Pretty please, Dad?

It will be at least a week before I can get to the blogging about our Disney visit, so please bear with me!

Ciao for now!


  1. Glad you made it Safely Home. Hoping you are not being affected by the present storms in the south.
    What is the name of the Mauve Coloured Trees in your yards? We have never seen or noticed them before this Spring.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Home.

    It's about time.

    1. The lady we bought the house from knew what all the trees were. I should have written it down because now I have no idea! LOL!


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