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Sunday, April 28, 2019

We hear all the warnings. We try to get our yearly check-ups. But for me, too many years spent in the Florida sun back when sunscreen wasn't a big thing, means a lot of pre-cancerous spots to be frozen each year.

My check-up was generally good. One biopsy taken (results in 2-3 weeks) on my right shin and several pre-cancerour spots were frozen.

But this year the dermatologist decided it was time to try a different approach on my face. I've had several spots on my nose frozen and since I have had a lot of sunburns there, I knew it would continue to be an issue. She also found several pre-cancerous spots on my temples and cheeks.

I am now using Efudex (5% fluorouracil) on my face twice a day for two weeks. According to Google, it's actually considered chemotherapy.

"It can treat rough, raised areas of heavily sun-exposed skin (actinic or solar keratoses). It can also treat skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma)."

A good friend and fellow author, Nick Russell, went through this a few years back so I had a rough idea what I might look like. I then made the mistake of going through Google images....eeek!

I am currently on day six and see a few spots getting redder. There is a little itching in some spots and an irritation where my glasses sit seems to be sloughing off. When I can, I'm wearing readers that I can perch lower on my nose. So far the worse side effect is a strong metallic taste in my mouth a couple hours after the morning application.

I plan to take selfies to show how this progresses. My follow-up is in late July so that is how long it can take to complete the process. Oh, and did I mention, no sun if at all possible? That exacerbates the process. So broad-brimmed hats if I have to go out, but in general, I'm trying to avoid it completely.

Starting pic....the red you see is my natural complexion (and always shows in photos)
Before Efudex application

Wish me luck! I have to go out in public on May 1st (Stu's optical check to prepare for cataract surgery), May 3rd (Stu's carpel tunnel surgery on his right hand), May 7th (my mammogram), May 16th (Stu's follow-up for his hand surgery).... Growing old isn't for sissies!

Ciao for now!


  1. Wishing you both the best with your upcoming Medical Procedures. You're right "Getting old sucks".
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, guys. I don't anticipate any major issues with Stu's hand surgery. As to my face, one week in and still doing okay. Maybe I won't have any spots! One can hope...

  2. Nope, certainly not for sissies. . .wishing you all the best!


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